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If you want to be in a wine club that can enliven your spirits just by sound of its name, then Wine Awesomeness suits your requirement perfectly. Some groups stick to the generic labels. However, there is nothing bad in doing what has not been done by other brands yet. It makes this group original, very individualized and, for lack of better term, fun.

Wine Awesomeness ReviewWine Awesomeness Wine Club

The name is not the only aspect that differentiates Wine Awesomeness from the various wine clubs on the planet (see our Top 5 Wine Club Comparison here). It provides slightly more laid-back options than Cellars Wine Club because the members can opt to get their wines every month, every other month, or every six months. With the Cellars, on the other hand, it is fixed on a monthly basis. There are more clubs on the latter, so the consumers may have a hard time deciding on which ones they like to enter. Yet, in the Wine Awesomeness, you only have to say if you like whites, reds or a mix of both, and three-packs or six-packs, among others.


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  • Concentrated Membership Options – Wine Awesomeness did not craft too much categories. Other clubs say that those are to give their members more options, but sometimes result in confusion only. Thus, having choices concentrated only to how many bottles you want each month – three or six – and what kinds of wines you wish to get – red, white or both – truly means a lot to the consumers.
  • New Wines – Nevertheless, the limit in the membership options does not mean that your wines will be limited too. As a matter of truth, the Wine Awesomeness personnel will make sure that every bottle of wine you will obtain throughout your subscription will be unique.
  • Monthly Party – Kindly do not take this as a physical party. All transactions are still going to be done virtually. It is simply a figure of speech pertaining to how every month, you can sample wines from different regions and made from diverse grape varieties. This can be like a wine buffet in the comforts of your home. The good thing about these beverages is that there are a lot of choices. You do not have to only drink one sort if you do not want to.
  • Cool Statements – Even the way that each sentence in the website has been constructed is so relaxed. It is as if they are talking to an old-time friend. There are no formal wordings, and the terms ‘awesome’ and ‘party’ are peppered throughout the pages.
  • Reorders are encouraged – In case there is a specific wine that you have fallen for, and you want to stock it up in your own place, you can easily call Wine Awesomeness to make the delivery for you. It keeps you from asking the nearby liquor store if they have similar bottle, as that will only make you shed off more cash than necessary.


The awesomeness of Wine Awesomeness can just be experienced for now by those who are residing in the United States. Every information that a potential member may require is on the website as well. However, the font sizes used can be a challenge for people suffering from poor eyesight, as they are thin and small.


Jump to the party train that is provided by the Wine Awesomeness and taste the flavors of diverse locations through a glass (or two) of wine!

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