Top 5 Best French-Door Refrigerators

This is the most practical moment to reward yourself a French-door refrigerator. Most appliances of this type are great at energy saving now. It won’t shake your electric bill in a dizzying manner. To be frank, it is parallel to that friend of yours who has rarely or never said no to any of your requests. You know how privileged you are for having this person in your team. Thus, you will feel more of this when you get a French-door fridge. Imagine, you will obtain a new buddy that will keep your food secrets literally to its death. If your weakness is chocolates, no one outside the house will know. If you have containers of ice cream for movie nights even when you are hypothetically dieting, only you and the refrigerator will see them.

So open your eyes wide, because now you will witness the things that have made these products the top 5 best French-door refrigerators at once.

LG LFXS27566S French-Door RefrigeratorLG LFXS27566S French-Door Refrigerator

Cleaning a fridge is difficult for a single body, isn’t it? You have to take everything out one by one, and then go back and forth to the counter to unload the ref’s content. You are limited by your two hands, yet this is a task that requires your absolute care, especially if wine has been spilled inside or something smells rotten in there. This is a nightmare which you can evade when you choose LG LFXS27566S as your French-door refrigerator. The product is 27 cubic feet. It has 3 shelves, an ice maker, an electronic control panel, and a secret door. It is the perfect size for beginner families that do not have overly large kitchen space. The stainless front doors are quite endearing, for the reason that dirt and grime will be easy to eliminate when they adhere to the smooth surface.


The size of the French-door refrigerator allows it to fit in medium to large residences. The consumers are going to have ample space for fruits, vegetables, leftover dishes, condiments, desserts, and even beer cans. The supplies can be organized as well in the shelves, so you and the other people in the house know where to find what. You can use the spot you have saved for the water bottles, since the appliance has a built-in ice maker. When you want a cold drink, you just need to place your glass or tumbler in the indentation on the left door to get the ice. Beside this is the handy control panel, which will let you know about the interior temperature of the refrigerator. The door to the right has another door behind it. This is an impeccable hiding location for your favorite salad dressing, mustard, or candies perhaps. The shelves are very fine, as they are made with tempered glass. This is a durable material that anyone will want instead of the fragile plastic. An added bonus is that one of the shelves can be folded if you have to store a taller container in the fridge. Lastly, when you wake up for a midnight snack, your eyes will hone in immediately to your target food, since the lighting within the appliance have high quality.


The storage for the ice is a bit small. Thus, you can empty it after filling several glasses. The downside is that you need to wait for the French-door refrigerator to make ice again.

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Samsung RF28JBEDBSG French-Door RefrigeratorSamsung RF28JBEDBSG French-Door Refrigerator

Regardless how if you have one, two or three kids, or it’s just you and your husband in the house, the foods you suit your palate and your diet can somehow be diverse. Hence, you need a French-door refrigerating unit such as Samsung RF28JBEDBSG that is a little over 36 inches vertically. The height and the depth that most consumers look for in a refrigerator, especially if there is much free room in the kitchen, are to be seen in this appliance. The black stainless steel is a major upgrade from the normal stainless materials. Aside from it makes the surface almost smudge-proof, the artistic magnets you have collected from your trips since time immemorial can latch on the fridge’s doors. They are a great representation on how well-traveled you are, that’s why it will be a real letdown if you cannot display them.


Vegetarians who want to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables just in case the organic market does not open the week after can immediately feel the advantage of owning this French-door refrigerator. The small apples, oranges, bananas, lettuce, carrots and the likes can be stored within the Food Showcase doors. This is also where you can keep the meals or salads which are ready to be served in a while. There are space-efficient shelves on both sides of the doors. They are made from hard-wearing plastic, so they require less maintenance. If you want to chill a few beers, you do not have to squeeze them in between containers in the main shelves of the refrigerator. Behind the right door is another door with smaller racks for the condiments. Due to this, you will have an easy time organizing your seasonings. In addition to that, if you do not like the watermelons, jackfruits and coconuts to be in room temperature before you dig in, by all means, place them inside the large bottom drawer. The cool air circulating in the French-door refrigerator can reach this too. Moreover, in case you are a carnivorous person, the FlexZone drawer at the middle is not far from being your new best friend. This has a separate metallic cooling system and controls. Hence, it can have a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge to maintain the coolness needed to keep the meat frozen for future use. This is the ultimate energy-saving feature of Samsung RF28JBEDBSG.


The French-door refrigerator is too big for the LED lighting installed in it. The ice maker cannot produce ice fast. If you choose to stand by the appliance with your tumbler or glass, you cannot leave it on its own under the dispenser, since it does not have a flat edge.

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Best Refrigerator

Frigidaire FGHB2866PE French-Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire FGHB2866PE French-door refrigerator can suit the personality of the simply elegant individuals. It is quite improper to say that it is only for the wealthy, since you can have a fat bank account but no grace. On the one hand, you can be less than a mogul yet still exude elegance that’s comparable to none. The latter is what the FGHB2866PE is like. It is not from the most expensive brand, but its features and stability may outlive the others of similar kind. Its capacity is up to 28 cubic feet, so a whole cake, a big salad platter, and a basin that’s full of cookie dough can fit comfortably in it. This fridge has an enormous bottom freezer too, which is the home of Effortless Glide drawers. These are relatively roomy for the meat and organic products that you like. You are not going to be thirsty, since ice and water dispensers are attached to the French-door also.


You can surely admire the filtration systems set up in the Frigidaire FGHB2866PE. The problem that occurs when you have so much to put in your fridge is that they make it smell at times. The water that enters your house pipes and the water line may have dirt particles too. However, you will no longer be affected by either, because of the Pure Air and Pure Source filters to remove bad odor and clean the water, respectively. What this entails is that you can unlatch the French-door refrigerator without holding your breath or pinching your nose. You can be certain as well that the ice that melts in your drink is not tainted. Furthermore, the water and ice dispensers that go through the left door of Frigidaire FGHB2866PE make getting cubes and cool beverage more relaxed. You only need to stand and not bend or squat to get the ice in the freezer. The latter is the whole bottom drawer. This has generous space for meat, fruits and vegetables, so it is not really a good place for ice. What’s pleasant about this fridge is that there are Effortless Glide drawers inside it, so the sweets do not have to mix with veggies, and the bananas do not have to be taken apart and forced in small gaps. Moreover, the cooling and storage abilities of the Frigidaire FGHB2866PE are not the sole things you can bask in. The ebony black stainless steel body of this French-door refrigerator is noteworthy. It makes the appliance very eligible to be a member of the brand’s Gallery Series.


The temperature within the fridge is not visible outside.

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Fisher & Paykel Activesmart RF170ADX4 French-Door RefrigeratorFisher & Paykel Activesmart RF170ADX4 French Door Refrigerator

Having a Fisher & Paykel RF170ADX4 French-Door Refrigerator is a money-saver for many young professionals who are ready to live without the weekly monetary allowance given by their folks. The portion of your earning that you ideally want to use for a full Friday night of drinking and bar-hopping can instead be utilized to increase your food budget. Due to this, if you wish to limit the number of days you spend inside the grocery store in a month, you can. Not just because you have the funds to do so, but also because you have enough storage room to do so. The fridge is 17 cubic feet. Thus, this is more than enough space in case you live alone or with a roommate. It can really help you consume less electricity too, since it gives off a sound when any of the doors is open for over a minute.


You can take care of your food supplies easily with Fisher & Paykel RF170ADX4 French-Door Refrigerator. It has three adjustable glass shelves in the middle. This lets you to store any food in the fridge without obstructions. It is technically better than the folding ones, because it means you can have a full three-tiered cake or a jumbo roasted turkey waiting for you to devour them. You do not need to cut them into pieces until you are ready to eat. What will you do with the glass shelves that you have taken out? Wash them in the sink, dry well, and put them back when all the large foods have been wolfed down. Thus, you have done two things because of this feature: store as many delicious foods as you can afford, and clean your French-door refrigerator. The fridge also takes advantage of the ActiveSmart technology, which lets the appliance to maintain the coolness in it even when you open the doors constantly. In regular refrigerators that do not have this technology, such activity can make your cold storage unit hotter. Hence, it jeopardizes the shelf-life of your stocks. Furthermore, this has a Quick Freeze feature. If your parents or some close friends are on their way with just a short notice, and the only drink you can offer is water, there is no reason to panic. Get your beer in cans or bottles, or any beverage that your guests like, and chill them quickly in your freezer. You will know when they are ready to be taken out even when you do not check on them, as the refrigerator will send off an alarm sound for it. Also, there are alarms set for when the doors are open for too long, and when the filters need changing.


The water dispenser, although it is quite handy, is not large enough if you religiously consume more than eight glasses of water daily.

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GE PFE28RSHSS Profile French-Door RefrigeratorGE PFE28RSHSS Profile French-Door Refrigerator

How can you look at a GE PFE28RSHSS Profile French-Door Refrigerator and not want it in your own humble abode? For an appliance that has a digital display and stainless steel exterior, this is essentially something that can make you utter after several years: “Thank God I did not pull back to go for the cheaper one.” General Electric has been helping people live an easier life since 1892 – around the same time that your great-great-grandparents have lived. This is a candid information that will make you an unwise person if you overlook it. The only time that age does not matter is when you are in love or you wish to further your studies. But when it comes to discounted tax rates, movies that are R-13 or lower, and establishments, age is of significance. Thus, you are free to assume by now that the French-door refrigerator you will get from this brand is a result of decades of testing other products whose goals are to unite the physical and the digital worlds in convenient wrappings.


You surely have seen so many refrigerators in your lifetime, but most of them have two or three shelves of the same lengths and widths, don’t you agree? Well, this has five main shelves in total. They are in staggered formation, and have diverse sizes. Similar to how you can fit three people in the two-seater of a bus, you can store more things in every shelf, as long as they have stable bases. This design is perfect for the storage bins attached to the French-door refrigerator. Yes, they have different capacities too. The ones on the left door are more suitable for condiments or pickled jars, as they have more perpendicular than parallel free spaces. Those on the right door, on the other hand, can be a lot of things, really. You can put your regular bottles of colas, juices and milk in the lower half, while the upper half are two layers of trays. Thus, the topmost portion can hold your egg carton, while the one below it can take the small batch of brownies or other desserts you have baked. The four closed shelves behind the French doors are great storage for fruits, vegetables and dairy products as well. Aside from this, there are two ice makers you can find – and use – in this fridge. The one in the left-hand door has a handy dispenser, so you can place your glass underneath it and wait for the ice to drop. This also has a hands-free water dispenser beside it, along with a cool electronic LCD display that shows the amount of water and ice in the storage. The ice maker at the bottom drawer is not connected to the other ice maker. If you do need more ice, you can turn it off and utilize it as additional cooling space. Likewise, you may observe that the lighting changes as the temperature changes. Light is energy, and thus it creates heat. By lowering the brightness of the lighting, less heat is produced. Thus, the refrigerator can cool your supplies more effortlessly.


This is quite a loud French-door refrigerator. It is the fan that makes this noise.

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Storage Design

At first sight, you may think that LG LFXS27566S and Samsung RF28JBEDBSG have more room for storage due to their door-in-door features. However, what the others lack in that department are supplemented by the shelves and storage bins inside them. The GE company has even exceeded expectations by providing differently sized storing spaces in the refrigerator.

Cooling System

You need to know cooling system employed in the appliance in order for you to know what food products you can store in it. The TwinChill evaporators used in the GE PFE28RSHSS is actually analogous to the Twin Cooling systems inside the LG LFXS27566S and Samsung RF28JBEDBSG. There is just an extra Metal Cooling facility in the last French-door refrigerator mentioned. This addition can supposedly keep the meat and the other foods cooler.


In terms of the storage capacity of these refrigerators, the Fisher & Paykel is the smallest. Hence, since it only has 17 cubic feet, it is still an excellent option for studio-type or two-bedroom condos and apartments. The other four basically take the same volume if you round the numbers off. But for technicality’s sake, the Frigidaire FGHB2866PE has the biggest capacity, at 28 cubic feet flat.


Not judging the French-door refrigerator only by its external beauty is the sagest thing to do. All of the appliances above practically look the same, except for the colors and the placement of the dispensers. Yet, when you open their doors, you will see why they are worthy to be a part of your household. Henceforth, upon weighing their pros and cons, the best French-door refrigerator among them is the GE PFE28RSHSS.

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