Samsung RF28JBEDBSG French Door Refrigerator Review
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Break free from the shackles binding you to a refrigerator that can go against Samsung RF28JBEDBSG in no way, shape or form. A French-door fridge is a piece of kitchen equipment which does not come in a price so low that you can purchase a dozen of it in one go. Even if you actually can – in case you are an heir to a pool of wealth or a self-made millionaire – why will you do it if you do not have an immediate need for 12 refrigerators? The point is, since you are not deprived of funds, your eyes should be fixed on the product that can give you more than what your dollars can buy. That’s Samsung RF28JBEDBSG, you know.

Samsung RF28JBEDBSG French-Door RefrigeratorSamsung RF28JBEDBSG French Door Refrigerator

In case you have no qualms towards large fridges then you’ll love this 36” refrigerator which is slightly smaller in cubic feet than the Samsung RF28HMEDBSR, but that is the only  edge it has over the former. The RF28JBEDBSG has the Energy Star seal, which the latter does not possess. Thus, your electrical energy consumption will not increase a lot. This is also the fridge that has metal cooling capability in separate storage spaces. Again, that is a feature that you cannot find in any of our other Top 5 Best French Door Refrigerators review. The black stainless steel  seems more sophisticated than the regular stainless of the other refrigerator. This can blend well with your other appliances in the kitchen. Also, it is magnetized, so the magnets on your old fridge will have a new home.


  • 28 cubic feet
  • Ice Master
  • Flexible drawer with its own metal cooling
  • French door with its own metal cooling
  • Digital control panel
  • Water dispenser
  • Black stainless steel
  • Wheels
  • Door inside the door


The door in door feature is so nice, because it means that your condiments are not the first items to greet you or whoever will open the fridge. It unclutters and allows you to have better organization skills. The blue shelves attached to the doors are deep, so as to prevent bottles from crashing on the floor when you open them rather harshly. It also gives a pretty accent to the refrigerator which mostly has clear and white colors inside. There are two clear doors near the bottom when you pull the French-doors, which you can utilize for the fresh produce you got from the organic market. Thus, you can isolate the vegetables from fruits, or the greens from the reds, oranges and yellows. The middle drawer is a great addition as well, since this is where you can put your frozen and meat products, considering that you do eat them. What is amazing about this is that its temperature can be different from the other parts of the refrigerator. This is one reason why it is an effective energy saver. When you need to attend a conference for a couple of days and you have not restocked on vegetables and fruits yet, you can turn off the upper portion of the appliance and simply keep the refrigerating system in the FlexZone drawer on. Metallic cooling is accessible for it, and even for the Food ShowCase doors. The metal seals the cold air within the refrigerator, that’s why the temperature will not fluctuate a lot. This aids in maintaining the freshness of your foods. And speaking of the temperature, you do not need a magnifying glass to read it, for the reason that the font size of the digital numbers is big in the middle of the control panel.


The LED light in the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG French door refrigerator provides beautiful brightness to the front portion of the appliance. However, because of the hugeness of this product, the illumination does not spread to the rear part, so that is quite dim. The Ice Master takes it sweet time at making ice too. In case you wish to wait with your glass underneath the dispenser already, you have to hold the glass in place since it does not come with a level tray.


Samsung RF28JBEDBSG is a French door refrigerator that is seemly for consumers who would love to use more of their hard-end money on businesses – not just on electric bills.

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