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If you can’t stand being in your own bedroom or kitchen, could it be because you do not have an Ozeri 3x tower fan there? It really is difficult to be in a poorly ventilated room. Your room may be large enough to fit 5 king-sized beds, but it seems small if you cannot breathe. The air gets stuffy, and it is as if the oxygen in your lungs will run out. Not to mention, your laundry will be full of sweat-clad clothes. That will be okay if this is due to your intense workout. But if you are just zoning out in that particular area of the house and you are still soaked in perspiration, that is irritating. Yet, wipe that frown off your face now. Here is an answer to your problem.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Ozeri 3x tower fan
This product has higher quality than most of the tower fans that, in a sense, belong to the same generation as this one. The Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator is a part of this crowd, yet Ozeri 3x produces more powerful air compared to it. When they are both turned off, the latter will make a better display because it looks almost like a loudspeaker. The former, however, seems like a CD rack, which is not so useful these days. In addition, it has buttons that can easily sink if you always push them. Ozeri, meanwhile, has futuristic control system that can make your friends envious.


  • Canted blades
  • 3 fans
  • 3 oscillation speeds for each fan
  • 3 airflow pattern
  • 90-degree oscillation
  • Remote control
  • Touch-sensitive LED controls
  • Strong base


The goodness of the item starts with its design. Even if you live in a less than 100-square foot room, its base will only take up a few inches of floor space. The body of the tower fan cannot be thicker than your index finger either. Thus, it is very minimalist. It will fit any modern home.

This is a strong product because it has a group of canted blades that produce a lot of air. It does not just have 1 but 3 fans, and each has 3 different oscillation speeds. This can make you reduce your energy usage as well, so you do not need to expend so much on electricity. When the climate is already cold, and you simply want to make sure that that coldness can circulate better, you can set of them on high, and turn the remaining two off. If it is 70 degrees outside, they can be in medium to high speed.

With Ozeri 3x, you can customize the flow of air. It already has 3 pre-programmed patterns that you can alternate every night to find out which one can help you sleep or work better.

The control system of the Ozeri 3x is also one of its greatest assets. While other tower fans are fine with embossed buttons, this item has touch-sensitive LED electronic panel. In other words, there are no visible buttons that you can find on it. You will only see icons with labels for power, timer, speed, etc. When you lay your finger on the “On” sign, different symbols will light up below each label to show the current settings. Then you can touch the icons if you want to modify the fan speed or use the timer, or do it through the remote control. If your technology savvy friends come over, you can flaunt it to them. Its features are enough to make so many millennials want it.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan


This is a bit heavy at 18.1 pounds. Nevertheless, the weight contributes to its durability and long-lasting capabilities.


When you finally have an Ozeri 3x tower fan, perhaps all you will want to do is stay in your bedroom or kitchen forever.

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