The Oreck Is the Right Vac for Big Time Jobs
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As a mother of 4 boys I’m here to tell you that this is nonsense.I’ve heard it said that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Never mind being a coal miner, power line technician, or navy seal. No, according to most people being a mother is a tougher assignment than all of that.

Now don’t get me wrong my kids are no picnic. If you think they’re going left then they’re probably headed right. When they’re too quiet you can be sure that there is hell being raised but when they’re loud it’s usually just innocent fun. They each have the appetite of three men and the energy of five more.

It would be easy to go on complaining about what makes caring for them so difficult but that would be dishonest. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction every day from my kids and it really does make the days fly by. Unlike working in some mine I don’t have to fear for my life and I definitely don’t do anything as intense of your average navy seal.


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS
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Home appliance technology has also come a long way in helping your average house wife get through her day. Things that used to take my mother hours to do forĀ  her two kids now takes me minutes to do for four. It truly is the golden age of parenting. The tools at my disposal make the job almost easy.

One of the tools that I value so much is my Oreck commercial XL vacuum. I absolutely adore this thing and without it I doubt I’d be able to care for my boys as well as I do. The Oreck is built with big jobs in mind so if you have a busy home then I recommend you look into this terrific vacuum.

My Oreck can pick up anything. My youngest likes to call it the tornado and with double helix brushes that spin at 6,500 RPM he’s not far off. This is almost twice the RPM’s of your standard van and you can certainly feel the difference when you’re cleaning the house.

Because of the non-marring barriers that come equipped on the Oreck XL the vacuum doesn’t leave the center dirt trail that you seem from common vacuum cleaners. This is huge for me because it’s usually the boys that I have doing vacuuming duties and they absolutely will not double back over any spot no matter how much dirt was left.

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On the rare occasion I’m forced to vacuum for myself I’m able to deal with the power of the Oreck easily because of the patented Helping Hand Handle the Oreck uses. I have arthritis and the vacuum lives very little stress on my hands even after extended use. I’ve spent over 2 straight hours using the Oreck and didn’t feel any discomfort.

The price point is extremely reasonable as most retailers offer the Oreck commercial XL for $175. As the name suggest it’s frequently used by professional cleaning companies because of its reliability and operation efficiency. Most Oreck’s work well after three years from the time of purchase.

It would be unfair to compare being a stay at home mom to any of the truly difficult job on this planet. Thanks to the Oreck I really don’t have to break my back to keep my home in order and for that I am forever grateful.

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The Oreck Is the Right Vac for Big Time Jobs
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