LG LW8015ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Review
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If you can’t find quality and efficiency in your old air conditioner, you are better off with LG LW8015ER. It is a powerful unit that will not let you down even during the hottest time of the day. It won’t bother you at night, as its noise level only reaches 54 decibels. You and your family can enjoy using it at all times.

LG LW8015ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-MountedLG LW8015ER 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Air Conditioner

LG LW8015ER comes from a brand that has an established rapport with its consumers for decades. Compared to Frigidaire FFRA0511R1, it can elevate the heat in larger areas as it has higher power level. It has more fan speeds too, and the direction of the air is not just left and right. It has the capacity to make cool air circulate more efficiently.


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  • 115 voltage outlet
  • 8,000 BTU
  • Gold Fin coating
  • Thermistor
  • Energy saving mode
  • Automatic restart
  • Mesh filter
  • Remote
  • 3 fan speeds
  • 3 cooling speeds
  • 4-way air direction control
  • 4 feet power cord
  • Installation kit


The top benefit of having LG LW8015ER as a cooling system is that it can be switched on and off without leaving your chair or bed. It comes with an electronic remote that gives you full control over the product. Aside from the power button, it also has buttons for fan speed, timer, mode and temperature.

The product is capable of providing coolness to a 340-square foot room. Consumers do not have to deal with sweltering heat now in their living room, dining area, or bedroom. Plus, when it gets too chilly for you, you can adjust the thermostat manually or mechanically.

You have the option to put the air conditioner into energy saving mode. This will allow you to consume less energy and pay less on the next electric billing cycle.

It is also coated with anti-corrosive Gold Fin. Window-type air conditioners are generally prone to corrosion, as a good portion of their body is outside the house. When the metallic frame of the appliance comes in contact with water or air, their chemical reaction leads to corrosion. As a result, you won’t get to use the product for long. However, LG LW8015ER is covered by a coating that prevents this occurrence, so there is no need to buy a new air conditioner soon.

If there is power interruption when you are at home, you can simply wait for it to come back, and the Auto Restart feature of the product will kick in.

Consumers can have the appliance looked at for free in LG’s service center within one year. The compressor, on the other hand, has a five-year warranty. This means that you can feel safe with the knowledge that you won’t have to spend much on maintenance in years.

The air conditioner comes with an easy installation kit. Even if you have the means to hire a professional, you can mount it when you follow the guidelines in the manual.


The unit can make any part of the house cold, but it does not produce supplemental heat. Therefore, it will not be useful in the winter.


Do not waste your efforts in searching for valuable cooling units. LG LW8015ER is the heavy-duty air conditioner that you will ever need.

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