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Not trusting total strangers is smart, that’s why siding with well-known brands like Keystone can keep you from getting in trouble. Every penny that goes in your wallet is surely a reward for your hard work. Thus, it will be sad if you end up with an air conditioner that is so loud and can barely cool your room. You will feel like a winner, however, once you avail this Keystone KSTAW05B.

Keystone KSTAW05B Air Conditioner

Irrespective of the way you look at this product, it is evident that it is far superior than the other cooling systems that have the same power level (5,000 BTU). The Perfect Aire 3PNC5000, for instance, utilizes manual dials to turn it on/off and to set the temperature. Meanwhile, the Keystone KSTAW05B air conditioner has sleek buttons. You also get to use an LCD remote control which the former product is deprived of. When it comes to cooling speed, you get more choices with KSTAW05B than with 3PNC5000.

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  • 5,000 BTU
  • 115 volts
  • 3 cooling speeds
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Automatic restart
  • Sleep mode
  • Energy save mode
  • Digital display
  • Mesh filter
  • High-tech remote control
  • Window installation kit


What is the most eye-catching in this cooling unit is the control panel. It is very modernized, and you cannot detect any trace of the rotary knobs that traditional air conditioners have. There is a light indicator for every function that is working. The digital display tells you as well how cold is the air that the product is giving off. You will not have to keep tabs of what mode it is currently in, or how many hours are left before the timer goes off.


One more interesting feature of this is high-tech remote control. It has a large LCD screen where you can see the cooling modifications you are making to the system. This is excellent for consumers who have eyesight problems. They will now get to regulate the coldness that’s circulating in the room without anybody’s help. Nevertheless, the best button on this remote is the “Follow Me” button which turns on the sensitivity of the product. Because of it, the air flow will be directed to the person(s) it senses within its proximity.


Keystone KSTAW05B has gotten the seal of approval from Energy Star in 2014. In addition, it also has sleep and energy saving modes that you can alternately switch to, depending on your mood. Either mode will let you absorb less electricity. Therefore, you will not be frightened to look at your electric bill every time.

The installation kit contains screws, insulating foam and retractable side panels. They will not have to think of how they can seal it on their window properly. It goes without saying that this is an added benefit for the customers as well.


The product makes use of plastic fan blades. Hence, it makes audible when the Keystone KSTAW05B air conditioner is working. Also, this makes it susceptible to breaking.


Keystone KSTAW05B is a smart option for people who like cool air and cool technology combined in one amazing air conditioning unit.

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