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inVino members are like royalties. They can basically have any wine in the world. If they do not like a bottle, it can be mentioned to the owners, and they will be given a refund. All the rules are flexible, and all the wines are exquisite and truly world-class.

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Being a member of inVino has some perks which are not available in various groups. If you take Gold Wine Club as an example, it can give up to 40% discount on their beverage products. However, inVino surpasses it greatly by volunteering approximately 70% off regular wine prices. Whereas the first club has six premium wine club series, the latter has 20. This does not even include the wine club which you can customize based on your liking. Thus, it technically becomes the 21st wine club for the second-mentioned. See our full wine club comparison here..


  • 20 pre-made club categories
  • inClub
  • inStock
  • Fast ordering system
  • Palate Guarantee


  • Many alternatives – The coolest thing about inVino is that you will not be pinned to several wine club choices only. There are a total of 20 wine clubs that have been previously created for you. This is to give you a more detailed version of what kinds of wines each state, region or country can provide to you. If you want something from France, you can choose if it is going to be red or white. You just need to think of similar stuff as well when you are checking out beverages from Italy, Spain, Australia, Napa Valley, Sonoma and Bordeaux, to name a few.
  • Personalized option – In case none of these wine clubs fit your standards, the company is giving you a special option to make your own wine club. You can personalize it in whatever way that pleases you. If you only want reds or whites from a specific region, simply check the the appropriate boxes beside them. You can also specify how frequent you want to receive bottles from inVino. It can be every month, every other month, or bi-annually. A personalized wine club can ensure that you are getting what suits your taste. Therefore, you will also not feel the need to join another organization.
  • Stock your wines safely – Paying for the subscription now does not mean that it has to be delivered today. You are allowed to decide whether you wish to have the package sent already, or it has to wait due to personal circumstances. Nevertheless, you will not have to be afraid that your bottles will end up getting damaged or poorly stored if you do not get them immediately. Why? It is because inVino can extend their temperature-controlled storage facilities for you for free. When you are finally prepared to accept your orders, just let the administrators know.
  • Lower delivery rates – inVino members are fortunate because the base delivery rate when you have reached the $50 minimum requirement, shipping within the state of California will only cost $5. For other places, it can be as low as $10. This is a more acceptable deal than having to take on full charges, of course.


Even though not storing lots of unsold wines is a wise move for inVino, it shortens the consumers’ options when what they like to purchase may already be gotten by another person.


Your inVino membership is waiting for you. Go and grab it today!

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