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Summer is best served with shaved ice and a Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan on the side. Getting an air coolant for this season is not really advisable, nor is it admirable. You can experience coldness when autumn or winter comes – sometimes even during Spring. However, the warm weather will only last for a few months, so bask in it whenever possible. This is the most righteous moment for you to exchange the fur boots for flip flops, thermal jackets for shirts, and thick pants for denim shorts. Do not worry if the heat is too intense for you, because you can always let this tower fan keep the hotness away.

Holmes HT38R-U Oscillating Tower Fan

Holmes can spin the warmness you are experiencing to a much tolerable condition greater than many fans. A 4-in-1 stand fan from the same brand may seem superior at first, but that’s only because some people are unaware of how tower fans work. This particular tower fan uses less horizontal space than the standing variety. You get to change its airflow as well – a leisure that can’t be attained with the other. Also, its slim built is more appealing than that of the 4-in-1.


  • 3 oscillation speeds
  • LED control panel
  • Auto timer
  • Remote control


Its base has a diameter of 11 inches. The actual fan fits well on it. Consumers will love the idea that this will not easily topple over with one touch. Therefore, whether you are clumsy or you have kids that are ever so curious about everything, you will not be afraid to use it.

The automatic timer is an excellent feature as well. The hours after 12 midnight are usually colder in most places, so you can set the Holmes tower fan to power off on its own around that time. This can totally make your electrical bills easier to look at. The budget you have set aside for it too can be lowered. Nevertheless, even if there is no timer, the product has been engineered to consume 60% less energy than ordinary oscillating fans. This is so much more than what you have expected, isn’t it?

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan 1The controls are pretty basic, which is really thoughtful of the manufacturer. The buttons on the remote control are only like the smaller versions of the buttons on top of this product. What is just missing are the additional illustrations around the above buttons. Apart from that, they are similar. Old and young people will find this advantageous since they simply have to memorize 4 sets of symbols. One is for switch and changing of fan speeds. The others are for timer, swing and perhaps airflow. They will not feel discouraged to get it because the control panel has no frills at all.

The product’s remote control is beneficial for those who have placed the Holmes fan a few feet from the bed or the couch. This allows them to operate the tower fan even with a wide gap between them, as long as it is plugged in an electrical socket.


While the loss of cold air is a good indication of a timer going off, there is also a beep sound that can startle you. This is not enjoyable when you are dozing off, and it awakens you even when you are not supposed to just yet.

Holmes has to be facing you too when you utilize the remote control. Or else, it won’t work.


Do not let your sweating ruin your OOTD. Be sure to get Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan as soon as humanly possible.

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