Haier ESA405P Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Review
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Are you thinking of getting the Haier ESA405P air conditioner? If so, this may be the best decision you will make in this lifetime. Yes, there are so many cooling units coming out, and choosing which one will give satisfactory results. It is also true that some of them have features that are too good to be true. However, you can’t go wrong with this product that truly aims to ease the stress that the hot air in your place is giving you.

Haier ESA405P Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Haier ESA405P Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Haier ESA405P gives you the opportunity to have a durable air conditioner at a compact size.  If you put it beside its successor, Haier ESA405R, the latter will be no match for it. The first one is lighter and has more power, so the consumers are not going to be burdened by it. In terms of appearance, the part that covers the filter looks more sophisticated. The lines are more defined in the former, and there are no awkward gaps on the cooling windows.

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  • 5,100 BTU
  • Sleep mode
  • Energy save mode
  • Digital display
  • Timer
  • Remote
  • Dehumidifier
  • Auto Cool
  • Mesh filter
  • Quick-install Window Kit


The advantage of using Haier ESA405P starts the moment you open the box. The quick-install kit included in the package will let you to install it do-it-yourself way. When you follow the instructions to a fault, you may not even need to call an installation expert.

This is the kind of air conditioner that you need for rooms with the surface area of 150 square feet. It has an adequate amount of power to change the temperature in one portion of your residence into a satisfying one. It has an Energy Star seal too, which means it has been proven efficient in energy saving.

Speaking of temperature, you can easily see it, as well as the time, on the digital screen on the middle right corner of the Haier ESA405P. When you wake up at dawn and you don’t have a clock beside you, you can just look at it and decide if you are going back to sleep or not. The handy remote control allows you to adjust them too any way you like.

You may also set the timer whenever you are using the product. This will save you from freezing in the night, as the air conditioner delivers its promises effectively. Using the timer will help you lower your energy consumption as well. If ever you forget to do this, simply keep it on sleep mode after that. This allows the appliance to alter the condition of the air it is blowing when you are in dreamland so that you can rest better.

Another admirable thing about Haier ESA405P is that you do not have to guess when the filter has to be cleaned. When the indicator lights up, you only have to pull it out from the left side of the unit, and clean it with the vacuum or water and detergent.


The only disadvantage you will notice on this product is the fact that it has separate buttons for dehumidifier and cooling modes. This entails that you cannot dehumidify your room while it is being cooled, or vice versa.


Let Haier ESA405P be the beautiful change you will want to see in your home.

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