Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart RF170ADX4 French Door Refrigerator Review
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Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart RF170ADX4 French Door Refrigerator Review

Starting a life of your own is not easy-peasy, but a Fisher & Paykel French door refrigerator can take some load off of your shoulders. Apart from your parents’ TLC, what you will definitely not want to let go is the chance of having home-cooked meals every day. Yet, your new apartment will be more homely once you have a fridge in place. You can buy as many groceries as you can carry, because you know there is a storage for them in your flat. You do not have to live off of instant noodles and canned goods as well. It will not feel as if you are staying in a hotel where you cannot stock food for long-term. Thus, the recipes you have inherited from your folks are finally going to be in use. You may even get to save your earnings you do not always need to order something from your favorite Chinese or Mexican restaurant.

Fisher & Paykel Activesmart RF170ADX4 French-Door RefrigeratorFisher & Paykel ActiveSmart RF201ADUSX4 French Door Refrigerator

Why would you choose a Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX4 over Bosch B36BT830NS? It is because the latter cannot hold a candle to the former. When you speak of the visuals, their exteriors are both created with stainless steel. However, with Bosch B36BT830NS, you will get notion that when you accidentally bang one of the doors on a wall, it will immediately be dented. The door handles too are quite diverse. RF201ADUSX4’s are slender yet will require much effort for a child to pull. This is a fine detail so that when you have a friend or sibling’s kids come over, or you decide to use this refrigerator even after birthing your babies, they will not be at risk at having glass bottles or heavy containers fall on their heads. Conversely, the handles of B36BT830NS are a little thick. It does not happen often, but the kids who like to hang on stuff the same way they do with monkey bars may think it is okay to hang on the door handles too because of its bulk. It is not supplemented with outer water dispenser too. This is dissimilar from Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX4, because this refrigerator not only has a built-in water dispenser – it can be locked too.


  • 17 cubic feet
  • 3 adjustable glass shelves
  • Pull-out drawers
  • ActiveSmart technology
  • Freezer
  • Ice maker
  • Water dispenser


The prime advantage of purchasing a Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX4 is that it uses the ActiveSmart technology. It means that even when you keep on opening and closing your refrigerator, the temperature inside will not get affected a lot by the room temperature. Fluctuating thermal reading can simply spoil your food, so that’s not good. Yet, thanks to the new technology, the vegetables, meat and/or cake which may be stored in the fridge can maintain their coolness. The three shelves in the middle are all adjustable, that’s why you can have more room for foodstuff which cannot be compacted in containers. You do not need to fold them – another plus – as this is how shelves typically break. There are drawers for veggies and fruits, cheese and meats as well. What is stellar about them is the fact that they are detachable from the refrigerator. For this reason, if you are looking for a certain food article, you can simply take out the drawer where you stored it previously. This way, less hot air can enter the Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX4, and less energy is consumed. This is also great when you feel like cleaning the whole fridge. The parts that are quite impossible to remove can be wiped with clean cloth, while the removable ones can be hand-washed. This establishes that you will be able to keep your refrigerator odorless and bacteria-free. The additional shelves attached to the doors are the right size for milk jugs, wines, beers and other beverages of parallel heights. The sides that prevent them from sliding down and cracking into pieces are tall enough for the job. You will get alarms in this appliance too. A sound will be heard when the doors have been open for more than 60 seconds, when the drink you are quickly chilling in the freezer is done, and when the water filters needs to be changed. You can disable this alarm, of course, if you clean it.


The water dispenser is a bit shallow. If you drink liters of water every day, you may want to keep a bottle or two in the fridge for backup.


Fisher & Paykel RF201ADUSX4 is the refrigerator that will not cramp your new living space. Get one before stocks run out. Still looking? Check out our Top 5 Best French Door Refrigerators here.

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