Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review
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Amplify the cool air you are currently receiving by using Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan. During the warm days, you can still get a burst of wind. Yet, not a lot of people are contented with only a short-term breeze. There are also individuals who seem to have inbuilt heaters in their system, so they feel hot even on a windy day. This is the reason why everyone needs at least one Dyson Air Multiplier in their space.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson’s new product is a finer option if it is a fan that you desire to have. It is safer than any fan with blades, and is a more stylish alternative to various tower fans you will see in the stores. You should not even mull over the idea of getting something such as a Mighty Max Tower Fan, because that would be like a joke beside the Air Multiplier. The last-mentioned has an elegant build and can deliver stronger air whether it is near you or not. The other one, moreover, has two columns with short, little gaps for ventilation and cannot cool a big room.


  • Air Multiplier technology
  • Slick air passage
  • Timer
  • 10 airflow settings
  • Remote Control
  • 6.6 feet power cord


This specific tower fan can give you total peace of mind as soon as you turn it on. It is quieter by 60 percent than its predecessors. You will barely hear it even when you are sitting next to it.

The air it gives off is extra cooling, due to the fact that there are no blockages on its path. It is bladeless, so the air that it pulls in from the back does not need to pass through different stages before the coolness hits the consumer(s). This ascertains almost instantly that you will not have to wait for a few minutes before it can change the temperature in the area.

Dyson Air Multiplier is connected to 6.6 feet of electrical cord, which is workable when the sockets are quite far from the couch or the office table where you usually are. If you need to place it on the a different side of the room, you can keep it plugged in the outlet as you lift it up. It only weighs 9 pounds too, that’s why even a bigger child can move it.Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Besides, it has a remote control that looks so modern and so unlike the typical apparatuses that some appliances come with. First off, it has a seamless appearance – you cannot see where the cuts begin and end. Secondly, the buttons have been made with the same material as the body, so they look like mere icons instead of real buttons. Then, to assist you in ensuring that you will not misplace this handy tool, it has a magnetic backside that can latch on to the product effortlessly. This is perhaps because adding a remote holder on any part of the Dyson Air Multiplier will diminish its grandeur. Therefore, kudos to the manufacturer for thinking of utilizing the magnet.

Another amazing fact that parents will specifically like is its lack of fan blades. Children are curious about a lot of stuff, that’s why they want to use their five senses when they see a fresh object. The adults can now leave the kids in the playroom with this tower fan on since they can literally put their whole arm in the middle of the tower fan without anything happening to them. They will just feel the cool air and nothing more. There are no buttons on its body either that they can play with. This is really a kids-friendly product.

Cleaning it will be a different experience for consumers who are more familiar with regular fans. With Dyson Air Multiplier, you will merely need a clean rug to wipe it, as you will do with your other furniture.


Because of its design, including a handle to it is out of the question. You cannot pick it up, however, on the loop portion, since it may break. Aside from that, the product does not have LED indicators on it or on the remote control to tell you which airflow setting you have already reached.


Your sense of style will not need to suffer in exchange for cool air once you get a Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan.

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