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When the local wine store cannot keep up with your fickle taste, go to the Cellars Wine Club. This is the virtual place in which your choices are aplenty. If your dream is to try wines from practically all the wineries in the world, that will easily become a reality. The club houses lots of wines, and you get to sample a new one every time.

Cellars Wine ClubCellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club is the online shop where you can find countless wine options without leaving your spot. Compared to the California Wine Club that has five wine clubs, it has an astounding number of 16 beverage groups. Hence, the people have so much more to choose from. It also does not have a referral program, but it surely lets non-profit organizations to partner with them through their Give Back program.


  • Online purchasing
  • 16 wine clubs
  • Give Back program
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Choose the club, but not the wine – Regardless of the group you want to be a member of, you cannot decide on which products will be delivered to you. Cellars Wine Club likes to surprise the consumers with their own wine choices. It is honestly quite exciting to look forward to every shipment, because you do not know what to expect. In the end, you open every bottle with a broad mind and taste the liquor without judging it initially.
  • Straightforward club choices – Once you enter the website, you see all the clubs you can enter. The names are all in big and bold letters, so you cannot miss them. The number of bottles you will receive each month are also indicated on the images above the labels. The rates for the clubs are written in colorful banners as well.
  • No hidden charges – It is going to be a one-time payment every month for the subscribers. The amount beside each wine club name is inclusive of the shipping and handling fees already. For this reason, you know upfront that you will not be bothered by various calls or e-mails that ask you to pay extra for anything.
  • On-time delivery – Your wine(s) will be delivered on or a little after the 20th of each month. There is a time allowance because certain unforeseeable factors can come into play during the shipment.
  • No stifling rules – With the Cellars Wine Club, you are permitted to be in as many clubs as you can handle. Because of this, you can evaluate diverse varieties which can originate from both local and international wineries. If the bottles get ruined upon delivery, give the club owners a ring, and they will replace it. You do not have to type formal letters before you can get a replacement.
  • Easy cancellation – In the event that you will go out of town and no one will receive the wines, you can simply contact the group to cancel your subscription. However, you need to do this before the 7th of the month, as that’s when they probably put the orders into motion.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Cellars Wine Club has their own set of taste testers. These select individuals help the club guarantee that the consumers will be 100% satisfied with the drinks, even though they have not personally chosen them.


Due to some existing laws, Cellars Wine Club is restricted to deliver wines in Texas, Alaska, Maine, Hawaii, Utah, New Hampshire, and North Dakota.


In case you love options, options and more options when it comes to wine, you will never run out of them in the Cellars Wine Club.

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