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You can enjoy the perks of being a member of a specialized collection of people once you join the California Wine Club. This is a group for moderate wine drinkers who love to experience new flavors from time to time. When you like it, you can have a bottle or four delivered to the individual that you want to sample them.

California Wine ClubCalifornia Wine Club

California Wine Club has been specifically created to make the small family wineries in California more known to many people who can appreciate their work. It is quite different from the Cellars Wine Club, in the sense that the former can deliver to all 50 states. On the contrary, the latter can solely ship to 43 regions.


  • Artisan wines
  • Quarterly or monthly delivery
  • No membership charge
  • 5 wine clubs
  • Referral program
  • 100% money back guaranteed


  • Less expensive – Consumers will seriously be pleased by the mere fact that they can now get high-quality wines in an amount that is much lesser than if they buy them in the shops. This is no longer an idealism – this is real – because the wine club has directly partnered with the winemakers. Therefore, there are no sales agents or distributors to pay for.
  • Convenient – You will not be required to drive to California just to purchase bottles of wine. Just provide your complete address and other contact information, and it can be couriered to you immediately. You also have to pay only for a specific shipping cost for three to four bottles. If the price goes beyond what you have initially said yes to, the wine club will cover the remaining balance.
  • No registration fee required – You can be a part of the club without paying any registration fee. After all, the main concept of this wine group is to share the passion that is incorporated by the small family wineries in every bottle. You, as a member, will only need to spend on the beverage that you like. This last word has to be emphasized, since when you receive a bad bottle, the group will readily send a replacement. If you do not agree with the taste of the new one, they can give you a refund. It is so much than any member can ask for.
  • Customized membership – Along with not needing to fork out for signing up, you are also allowed to customize your membership. You will not become bounded to any clause that says that you are to receive deliveries every month or that you cannot complain on whatever product you get. There are no such things in California Wine Club, mind you. If you wish to have white or red wines only, that is fine. If you want your favorites, the group can work with that and even give you discounts with reorders. Aside from that, you can choose to have them delivered to your house or a friend’s monthly or periodically.
  • Great for gifting – These are great gifts for your clients, employees, friends or family members who love wines to a fault. It will diminish the time you expend on thinking about what you will give to them. You will also not be required to carry them on your own. The club can send the bottles to the address that you will give them. In case you want them to have various types of wine once a month or once every three months, you can arrange for that as well.
  • For the wine adventurers – The California Wine Club is for the people who love to try a new drink every month. They will not make you guess about the goods that are to be brought to you, but you won’t know their taste until you open the bottle.
  • Lots of options – You can savor infinite number of wines when you go to their five wine club levels. The benefit you will obtain from this is that you can sip on not just the beverages from California, but also on the ones made in the Pacific Northwest and even in other countries.


The only “con” is that those who want it in Canada will need to go to the United States or in a different country, because California Wine Club presently cannot make a delivery there.


If you want to have new wines every month or quarterly from the artisan winemakers, be sure to sign up for the California Wine Club now.

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If you want to have new wines every month or quarterly from the artisan winemakers, be sure to sign up for the California Wine Club now.