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Being a musician isn’t easy.

It often means late nights on the road and early mornings at your crappy day job. You eat very little yet are constantly on the go. Your social life becomes some sort of cruel joke as you dedicate every bit of free time to practicing your craft. Things like health and hygiene can begin to suffer.

Not exactly what they show you in the movies.BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L2

The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make while chasing my dream of becoming a rock star here in Atlanta is sharing my home with three other band mates. Things can get a little unsanitary around here so I had to figure out how keep things from getting too gross at the house without spending too much money.

In addition to three grown men there is also a whole lot of band equipment scattered around our house. This leaves very little room to move around the house and has sort of turn the place into a dust trap. All of the dust particles have settled onto the equipment and now anyone not used to the place comes over and starts sneezing within the first five minutes of them being here.



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My mission was to find a vacuum cleaner that met three clear objectives. The first was to be strong enough to clean up after three people, next it had to be cheap enough to fit into my shoestring budget and finally it had to be small because we were pressed for space.Not cool.

After going through a few small vacs that were too weak I finally came upon the Black and Decker BDH2000PL. This thing left those other handheld vacuums in the dust (no pun intended). Allow me to go over a few reasons why.

First the Lithium technology that the black and decker uses is some amazing stuff. The suction that this little guy can generate is on par with the $500 vacuum that my parents have. Anything me and my roommates can throw at this thing it handles without an issue.

The combination of a pivoting nozzle and a high performance motor means that you can control the powerful suction when using it in tiny areas. I’m able to clean underneath, on top, and around every instrument in the house. We had a huge problem with trash finding its way underneath the couches in our living room but the Black and Decker solved it.



Check Price On Amazon

The Vacuum is designed to last for the long haul. The cyclonic spin pushes dust and debris away from the filter which keeps the electronics inside the vacuum from going bad. Speaking of the filter, there is a 3-stage filtration system that makes cleaning the vacuum a breeze.

At less than $70 the BDH2000 is within my budget and I’m sure I’ll be taking this with me when I move out. I use it to clean my car and my office at work. I even have a pilot friend who says that it’s his airline’s preferred in-air vacuum cleaner. Can’t get much higher praise than that.

I’ve tried hand held offerings from Hoover and Dyson. Neither offered the suction of the Black and Decker and both were more expensive. I cannot recommend this vacuum, just be sure to keep an eye on it as it’s small enough for someone to steal and after seeing how well it cleans they may be tempted to take it home.

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