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I’ve had my own business for over ten years now. Sometimes it seems like I’ve made the sort of mistake that can take a while to realize. If I would have failed early it would have saved me from the type of stress that came from a thousand small disappointments. My  first 8 years in the business I was slogging through the mud, barely paying the bills and not exactly tearing up my market.

I ran a catering and event planning business and I had very few clients. The few that I did have were relatives or friends of the family and they expected huge discounts. This was no way to make a living and I knew it.

I decided to be proactive. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tony Robbins and he stressed the need to be organized and efficient in all that you strive to do. I began with a vision board that I would keep all of my goals on and forced myself to look at it every morning.



Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet CleanerCheck Price On Amazon

I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish and slowly but surely I began to accomplish those things. The key to it all was prioritizing organization and efficiency.

It was around this time that I bought my Bissell 3624. Now the thing about event planning is that you are at the mercy of the venue owner’s cleanliness. If you have three hours to put a show together you’d be wise to show up six hours early in order to clean the place.

This is a daily struggle in my line of work thankfully my Bissell makes it much easier. The 3624 is a portable cleaner that will turn any place into a venue fit for a special evening.

The flex hose rotates at five different angles which means you can clean every inch of any shelf, staircase, or wall that your home can throw at you. This is a professional grade machine and if you’re using it to keep your house or a small office clean you’ll get more than what you need here.

The Deep Cleaning formula that comes with the vacuum is on par with any premium solution on the market today. I’ve seen this stuff cut through grease stains, soda, and even vomit.  A few hours with it and I can make the dirtiest building in town ready for a wedding.


Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet CleanerCheck Price On Amazon

The Bissell comes equipped with a 22 inch power cord which means I can take the vacuum into large rooms and clean the entire thing without unplugging the machine once. This saves me a tremendous amount of time and is especially valuable when I’m dealing with old buildings that only have a single outlet in each room.

The machine is extremely light, I even let my wife carry it around her mother’s home when she insists on taking it over there to clean it. It’s priced very reasonably at $123 at most retailers and because the solution is so powerful you need only to use very little of it for it to be effective.

Built with professional cleaners in mind, The Bissell 3624 is a whirlwind of cleaning power that offers a traditional family the capability of a maid service for a bargain price.

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