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You know that the homeowner is an animal lover when you see pet hair lodged on their carpet and couches. This cannot be helped when you have a dog or a cat in the house. Aside from the urine and the feces, you need to deal with the hairs that they shed off. Some pet owners have learned to just let them stay, especially if their vacuum clean cannot suck them out. But it is worth remembering too that your home is not in an isolated island, where no one can visit you. It will be a total disaster if a guest gets an allergic reaction when they inhale your feline’s fur.

Hence, your future visitors will be grateful if you have any of these vacuums for pet hair in your residence.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210 – Cordedbest vacuum for pet hair

Hoover UH70210 vacuum cleaner that is part of the brand’s WindTunnel T-Series. It is a 17.8-pound machine that is supposed to help you eliminate any pet hair on your furniture. It has a rewind function on its middle portion for the entire 27-foot cord. The 12-A motor is strong enough to do the job. The handle is foldable, and the rotary knob for control is near the suction. It also has light indicators which will tell you if the filters already need cleaning. This is not equipped with a bag.


What is clear off the bat is that this is a well-labelled vacuum. There are times that even if you have instruction manual on hand, the product still can’t be figured out. Yet, this pet hair cleaner can easily be understood. It is great that labels can be seen on the cord storage, the controls, the filters and the indicator.

The vacuum’s handle folds in five positions vertically as well. If you are a tall person, it can be at 12 o’clock. If you are a bit short, you can move it to 2 or 3 o’clock. When you have finished your pet hair duties, the handle can be placed all the way down to 6 o’clock. This helps in case your storage room does not have a high ceiling.

Pet hair gets stuck even in between the gaps of the solid flooring. Thus, the cleaner can remove them for you. Its brush roll feature will stop without prompting when you go from carpet to hardwood. This function will only work again when you go back to the carpet. The automation allows the motor to rest for a bit. It prevents you as well from constantly fiddling with the controls.

This vacuum does not have a bag, which is cool, because it modernizes the machine. The dirt, the hair and other small particles that will be sucked in will go to the portable canister.

The cord retracts back into the vacuum once you have unplugged it. Such a feature is helpful for consumers who are confused about how they can neatly roll this. The equipment has a cord length of 27 feet, so the rewind feature is really awesome.

Its HEPA filter is washable too, that’s why it can be used over and over.


The canister is quite small. You can detach it from the vacuum easily, but not all of the content can be dumped at once. Some dirt can stay on the wide plastic at the bottom, instead of fully going through the hole and into the trash.

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ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home, Pearl Whitebest vacuum for pet hair

ILIFE V3s is specifically designed for houses that mainly have pet hair on wooden floors. This is a circular vacuum cleaner which measures 11.8 x 3 in inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. It needs to be charged for five hours at max, and can be utilized for almost two hours. This apparatus can be controlled with a remote control or by clicking its touch-capacitive buttons. It comes with a mop cloth, a charging dock, brushes, and an HEPA filter, among others. 110 or 220 volts of power are compatible to the device.


This is the right vacuum for individuals who cannot or do not want to move when they clean. You need not to stand behind it and move it on your own. Object-dropping sensors are built in the machine to make it change direction when someone – or something – lies ahead. There are 14 of them in total, which is really efficient. This keeps the cleaner from knocking into furniture, pets or humans.

ILIFE V3s does not make so much noise. It works at 55 decibels, which means you will barely hear when the motor runs. Your sleep will not be disturbed even with this machine on. The animal(s) or the baby at home will not be scared by its sound too.

It has two side brushes. These truly make cleaning the edges or spots on the floor easier.

The product can also ascend or descend the small inclines on the flooring. This feature aids in pet hair and dust removal in general.

Some batteries require changing after several uses, but this one does not. Its battery only has to be recharged if you want the vacuum to function.

The touch screen on the cleaner’s body is great as well. This is very innovative, because you will not be worried about pushing some buttons too hard.

You can bring it in any part of the globe. It is not just built for the North American electrical system. It can be plugged in either 110- or 220-volt socket. In addition, the vacuum just consumes 20 watts per hours, so all the pet hair in the house can be sucked off the floor without ruining your bills.


Though this is a considerably thin vacuum, it is not slim enough to get under furniture that are close to the ground. The lint trap and the dirt container are tiny too. Therefore, in case you are vacuuming after a week, you may have to clean them several times.

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Shark Rocket TruePet HV322 Ultra-Light Upright Vacuumbest vacuum for pet hair

If there is a vacuum Transformer, that is probably the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322. This upright equipment can turn into a handheld machine if necessary. Its weight which only amounts to 8.8 pounds allows it to be utilized from floor to ceiling, and vice versa. This is useful not simply in getting rid of pet hair, but also for scrubbing thick carpets down. It has a large cup for dirt, and can be stirred easily into various directions. LED lights, motorized brush and duster and pet tools are some of the additions you can find on this cleaner.


SharkNinja has outdone itself by creating this vacuum cleaner. It surely looks easy and comfortable to use. It does not weigh a lot, and swivels on command, that’s why it can clean just about every area of your home. This has a slim built as well, which means removing dust and pet hair on the corners or under the couches and cabinets will be stress-free.

Your home will no longer be covered in pet hair, dirt and dust either, even if your only free time is during the night. The machine has its own LED lights constructed in the nozzle, as well as in the vacuuming part. Thus, you can do your chores before bedtime without a problem.

The brush that goes with the apparatus is motorized. This is advantageous for consumers who have thick carpets. These large rugs give comfort to your tired feet, but they also capture a lot of pet hair, human hair, and dirt particles. However, the powerful brush can lift them off the mats, so that the suction can do its job.

The container is notable too. It is twice as large as the other cups made for Sharp Rocket, so you will need to take lesser trips to and from the garbage area.

Its handle will not make you feel awkward to hold it either. You can grip it strongly, and your hand will not be sleeping from it.


Most of the product’s weight is in the handle. For this reason, others who have wrist or back issues may find it tough to vacuum the ceiling and walls with this vacuum. The filter cannot be replaced too, so you have to be wary when you use the machine.

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Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum – Cordedbest vacuum for pet hair

Bissell’s aim is to erase all the pet hair and dirt that stays on carpets, stairs and furniture. This vacuum has been apparently made by pet lovers, that’s why they know the needs of other animal owners. It scales 18 pounds and has the dimension of 13.5 x 12.4 x 46.8 in inches. This is a corded cleaner, yet it asks for two lithium batteries, which are already included in the package. The dirt container has been prepared with a cyclone-like spooling system that Bissell has a patent for. The main brush rolls 360 degrees, instead of simply going from side to side. The add-ons help you avoid breathing in allergens and bad odor too.


Its color is very striking, for starters. The lime green sort of invites you to begin cleaning, just so you can take it out of the storage place. This hue matches the black and the silver/gray well.

You may also love the brush connected to it. The actual bristles are in a diagonal position, and the whole thing rolls easily. Hence, you won’t be required to fish out the human or pet hair that gets trapped to them.

In the middle of the bristles are soft pads that erase foul smell and allergens on the rug and floor. This is useful for people who let their cats or dogs out of the house often, and then let animals lay on the carpet without bathing them first. Because of this smart feature, your house will not stink, and you will not have to take antihistamine to counter any allergic reaction.

There are several innovative tools that you can attach to this vacuum as well. If your floor work is done, you can move on to the sofas, ceiling and stairs. The handle detaches from the apparatus, since this is where the tools become connected to. The most special tool is the one for the crevices. Its LED light can help you make sure that the sides and underneath the furniture are all free from debris. The cobwebs, pet hair, and dust that gather in your home will therefore be gone in no time.

Your hands will remain clean until the very end of your vacuuming process too. The flap of the canister fully swings off of it, so nothing can get trapped inside the container. In addition, cyclonic motion that it makes puts all the dirt at the center, that’s why the ones clinging on its walls can be removed.


It does wonderful things on carpets, but not on solid flooring. The suction is also not wide enough for bigger dirt particles to get through.

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Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuumbest vacuum for pet hair

Dyson V6 is a lightweight machine that can be used by adults and children alike. It just weighs up to five pounds, that’s why your kids can start helping with house chores through this. It comes with a wall attachment instead of a cord, and is powered by a battery for non-stop cleaning for 20 minutes. This has been constructed specially for removing pet hair.


The vacuum head is quite easy to maneuver. Wherever you want to clean, it only requires a bit of prompting before it does your bidding. This can further eliminate the stress that this activity may put on you.

Its 20-minute cut-off time ensures that you will not be lazing around. Cleaning is not fun for some individuals, but if even the product promises that you will only have to vacuum for a few minutes, you cannot say no to it.

Since it is not attached to a cord, you won’t need to plug and unplug the device several times. Whether you have to vacuum in the bedroom or the living room, no cord length can limit your moves. Once you have had your fill, you can return it to the wall charger.

This can lift away more pet hair because of the strength of its brush and various extra tools. It basically has more power to do the task, that’s why even the deeply embedded dust and hairs in your carpet can be removed.

Dyson V6 does not take up floor space too. It can stand against the wall or behind the door when not in use. Hence, you can place many different objects in the storage area, and this equipment will not be bothered.


It cannot stay attached to the wall charger longer than it is supposed to be. Otherwise, the battery will be damaged. You are not allowed to let go of the trigger as well, because that will make the motor stop.

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Comfort of Usage

Basing it on their diverse weights and sizes, ILIFE beats them all. It is super light, and you do not even have to exert any effort as soon as you turn it on. For larger needs, such as cleaning in between the couches, and on the stairs and ceiling, Dyson, Shark Rocket, and Bissell are close at the top spot. The first two are both easier to carry than the others, yet all three can reach the tallest portion of the house. On the contrary, the remarkable features come from Hoover and Bissell. These vacuums not just eliminate pet hair easily, but also have retracting cord for effortless storage and patented cleaning system, respectively.


These vacuum cleaners are all priced higher than $50. It ensures that all the materials used are of superior quality. Nevertheless, Hoover has the lowest rate, while Dyson has the highest.


Your seemingly endless battle with pet hair will come to a close soon if you get the right vacuum for it. Preferably, the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser. You can experience hands-free dirty emptying with this machine, as well as great suction and brushing techniques that cannot be had from the other apparatuses.

1. Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum$$$
2.Hoover UH70210$$
3.ILIFE V3s$$$
4.Shark Rocket TruePet HV322$$$
5.Dyson V6$$$
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