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How lucky do you think you will be when you have the best tower fan at arm’s length? It can literally become the wind beneath your wings. When the sun is a bit much for you, you do not need to use a handheld fan vigorously and pray to all the deities to make it snow suddenly. You cannot wish for rain, obviously because that will enable the heat contained on the soil or the flooring to rise up and make the place even hotter. Fanning yourself can provide limited comfort as well. After several minutes, your wrist will get tired and the energy you have dispensed shows in the form of sweat.

The entity that can save you from combustion is the best tower fan. Not the low-quality, easily breakable fans, but the one that is second to none. Nevertheless, every person has a different perception about this, so you may be glad to know that this article contains five tower fans that are outstanding in different circumstances. Check them all out now.

Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower FanLasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Best Tower Fan

This is the best tower fan if your body is not accustomed to the heat of the summer yet. It is an inexpensive alternative for air coolants, and somewhat drains less energy. It does not have an intimidating structure. There are still buttons and LED indicators atop the product, even when it can be operated with the remote control. This is almost 4 feet tall, with the oscillator going at a 45-degree angle.


You know when people say that the goodness is not always visible on the outside? That is true even with this product, because you only see its external vents that are quite typical. Yet, when you look inside it, you will find bigger fan blades which are curved in a manner that they can generate more air. It does have a timer which can automatically switch off the product after 1, 2, 4 or 7.5 hours. Also, it ionizes the air to purify it, so that the kind you will be receiving is fresh and clean.


Dust can easily gather inside the Lasko 2551. To clear them, you will most likely have to dismantle the product to get to the bottom of it. It makes noises as well when it oscillates, and whenever you press on any button.

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Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan

Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Best Tower Fan
Honeywell HYF023W is a dashing product in white, and the best tower fan for comfortable usage. Consumers will not need to look up videos online on how you can get the most out it, since there are only four buttons you need to touch lightly. Knowing which one you should press if you want to turn it on/off or if you want to increase the oscillation speed is easy-peasy too. Each of them are lit by LED lights – you can see the symbols on the buttons readily.


The item has a steady and semi-flat base, so it can stand on its own without other types of support. This also rotates on the neck portion, which allows the fan to fully give off cool air in bigger rooms. This then leads to your smaller electric bill because it means that you will not need another tower fan to eradicate the heat in your bedroom or living room. You can also sleep, watch TV and do other tasks with this in full motion because it is not noisy. The loudest sound it makes only goes up to 52 decibels at the highest speed. In addition, depending on how dusty your house can get, this may never need vacuuming.


It has a shorter power cord, so you cannot move it much without unplugging it. Some consumers have had a problem with the fuse that goes to the plug, because not everyone has it, yet the product won’t work without it. You may also see it slightly wobbling when it is oscillating, regardless if you have put the screws and the parts correctly.

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Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Ozeri 3x best tower fan
Are you looking for coolness not just in the air that touches your skin but also in the appearance? If that is the case, then Ozeri 3x is the best tower fan for you. It is like a totem pole of bladed fans based on how they are attached on the product vertically. From a distance, it does not entirely look as if air is what will come from it. It kind of resembles a loudspeaker more. Only once you stand closer to it that you will notice the fans behind the stylish wires. You can even go ahead and make your visitors think that this is a part of your home entertainment system.

Ozeri 3x Best Tower FanPros

The primary advantage of having Ozeri 3x is that it only makes use of a tiny floor space. The base is only 11 inches in diameter, and it has five protruding metals for stabilization. The electronic controls on this product can excite anyone who is fond of technology. By simply touching the icon – not button – for switch, the functions will come to life and are illuminated by blue LED light. This can help consumers view the current settings it is on. Also, you can decide which fan(s) you will use every day, as all three have separate oscillation speeds. If you simply want to distribute the cold air lingering in the room, you can turn off two of the fans and put the other one on low, medium or high speed.


There is a remote control that comes with this item. However, it may be difficult to use at night because it does not have a back light. You will need to turn a lamp on or memorize the controls if you want to use it. Furthermore, in case you want total blackout when you sleep, the LED indicators on its panel may be problematic to you as there is no means to shut them off.

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Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

Holmes Oscillating Best Tower Fan
If the best tower fan in your opinion is the one that helps you conserve electricity, you can get it from Holmes. The company’s 36-in oscillating tower fan can reduce your use of energy by 60 percent compared to an air conditioner. You can also adjust the timer so that it will only be working for a few hours. This is a sterling choice for larger areas of the house because the air originating from it covers greater space.


This fan is not difficult to match with your other appliances. The colors employed are white, silver and black, that’s why you can effortlessly place them on your hardwood floor or even beside your contemporary couches and tables. The buttons you will see on the remote control are strongly similar to the buttons on the tower fan. The latter simply have LED lights on them, as well as additional symbols surrounding them. Still, they are practically the same, so the consumers will not need to learn about a lot of buttons.


The ultimate issue is that the remote control is not functional if: a) the tower fan is not facing you; and b) the device is not pointing directing to the top portion of the product. Plus, cleaning it will not be a breeze if you do not know how to use screwdrivers and the likes.

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Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Best Tower Fan
Dyson AM07 is a suitable nominee for becoming the best tower fan in terms of elegance, design and performance. With this, you will never have to worry about dust accumulating on the fan blades and blowing right in the direction of your guests. You can place it in front of children and carry on with your chores without worrying that they can hurt themselves when they touch it. The reason for this is because the product has no blade at all to bother you. Thus, it is low-maintenance and very practical for home or office use.


Consumers can feel the room temperature get colder when they are using the Dyson AM07 since the air is not hindered by anything. Neither fan blades no protective metals are covering its path. Due to this, the cool air multiplies more strongly than the other tower fans. The timer can be utilized as well to modify the time when it will shut off. This way, you can save on energy and money. The item has no need for remote control storage too because its special operator is magnetized. What this entails is that you can stick it on any part of the loop and not lose it ever.


The product will not work without the remote control. It does not have a control panel, as well as indicator lights. These features would have been more useful.

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The price of an object is a vital factor for all smart consumers. The best tower fan for them is not only functioning well but is within their budget too. Among the items presented above, Holmes is the least expensive at less than $40. Next to it is Honeywell HYF023W. Dyson AM07, on the other hand, can be had at less than $400, which makes it the priciest in the lot.


The technology applied in each tower fan has distinct qualities. Three of these appliances have conventional buttons. Ozeri 3x has a touch-sensitive control panel, while Dyson AM07 solely relies on remote control. However, Honeywell HYF023W is the only one that does not come with a remote operator.


The best tower fan is not so tough to find now, is it? If you want a cooling fan that has lesser number of buttons, you should bag the Dyson AM07. If aesthetics matter to you as well, Ozeri 3x looks so wonderful that you will not need to add more decorations in your bedroom or living room. The crucial thing is, now you do not have to pick your tower fan blindly.


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