Professional men prefer to use messenger bag than various kinds of bag. It gives you an air of authority that backpacks do not have. It is also roomy enough for all the things you have to have with you each day. Thus, if you do not wish to shop for bags that much, opt for the best leather messenger bag.

Banuce Vintage Pu Leather Tote Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag

Banuce Vintage Pu LeatherThe messenger bag from Banuce is appropriate for university students who need flexibility in terms of the weight of materials that their bag can carry. It has two main sections: the front part where you can put your notebooks and books, and the back part which can hold up to a 12-inch laptop. This is an ideal size for ultrabooks. There are also additional pockets for your wallet, mobile phone, and some pens inside. You can choose between brown and dark brown in terms of color. A two-inch strap is included as well.


This messenger bag has the right dimensions for college-level individuals who take down notes using their electronic gadgets. It is quite common in universities these days, rather than taking heavy books that can be taxing for your arms and shoulders.

The Banuce bag has a strap which is 60 inches in full length. For this reason, it is not problem if you are tall or not. You can simply adjust it according to your height. In case you will be carrying a laptop on any day, you can detach the strap and hold it like a briefcase. This can serve as a practice for you, if ever your path leads you to the corporate world.

It is made from polyurethane leather that will allow you to use the messenger bag rain or shine. This will not be damaged easily by water, and can be wiped clean instead of washed. The color will not fade either. Thus, a lot of students can appreciate it.

Your stuff will not be falling all over the floor too. Apart from the large front flap, there is a high-quality zipper that will enclose everything in the bag. Even when accidentally flip it over, its content will not be damaged.

The stitches are strictly intact as well. They will not come out of the bag, that’s why the item will not need a replacement for a long time.


If you have bigger laptops, you will need to use the front section of the bag instead of the designated back section. The pockets are a bit shallow as well.

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LUST Handmade Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

LUST Handmade Genuine LeatherWhen you are looking forward to dazzling people in your first job interview, you should take a LUST handmade genuine leather messenger bag with you. It has the dimension of 18 x 13 x 4 in inches. Its color fits more in modern settings, but the front flap has to be buckled the old-fashioned way. The inner lining is canvas, which has a denim vibe to it. Your A4-sized files and 17-inch computer can easily be placed inside the bag. This has been made from authentic goat hide and treated naturally to make it longer lasting and durable.


You will love the fact that it can be utilized regardless of what line of work you wish to enter. The messenger bag is large, so it can hold a laptop, books and camera, among others. No matter how many information sheets or folders you have to bring, your hands will be free to shake your future bosses’ hands due to this.

The colors inside and out of the messenger bag are notable as well. You will not really get the idea that it came from an animal, which is great because not everyone is fine with it. The canvas and the leather have these hues, thanks to the natural components used to create the dyes. Therefore, the bag does not look like it has just been unearthed from an old treasure chest. You can actually rock this with any contemporary bag out there.

Do not forget the simple truth that real leather has been used for this item. Each messenger bag that leaves the LUST’s facility is handmade. If you put your nose near it, you will recognize that it smells nothing like the bags created from plastic or thread. It has a very distinctive odor that can only be found from such material. The scars you will on it are quite normal too, and this is another proof that it has been crafted with goat hide.


The strap may be a little thin, so you have make sure that it can hold the weight of the bag before you head off. The zipper at the back is standard too. Its handle may break if you use it carelessly.

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Kattee Men’s Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

Kattee Men's Leather SatchelIn case you welcome the rugged, classic style in your bag, you are going to like Kattee Men’s leather messenger bag. Its measurement in inches is 15.2 x 13.3 x 3.3. It weighs 3.6 pounds, so this is a proper item for manly men who do not want to be affected by any issue that other bags may have. The leather used for this is from a crazy horse, and real brass has been incorporated to its top handle. The strap sort of modernizes it, for it is a combination of fabric and vintage leather.


It is a big messenger bag that can hold a lot of things. If you work offsite and need to bring extra change of clothes, you can put them in it. If you are on daddy duties but do not want to bring a diaper bag, it is easy to place your baby’s nappies, onesies, feeding bottles and milk formula in it.

One problem that you will never encounter with this is snapping of the top handle off of the bag. When you carry heavy stuff in a regular messenger bag whose handle is fully made out of leather, it has the tendency to tear and become detached. Of course, it will no longer look the same even if you try to sew them together, so you will have to buy another bag. However, since Kattee’s product has utilized brass to stabilize this handle, it has enough strength to not give in to the weight of your belongings.

You will also get to admire the strap added to the bag. It is not only wide – it has an additional shoulder pad as well. This can greatly reduce the pressure that your bag will put on your body. Its role is to distribute the heft, so that it does not become concentrated to just one point of your shoulder. The fact that it has been made with leather too is an extra bonus.


The messenger bag has no way to maintain its form. It sort of crumples when you use the strap. The external pocket is supposed to clutch documents or an Ipad too, but it does not have the right depth to do so.

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Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole RiskyKenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag is for individuals who simply do not want their bag to be created wholly from leather. Its initial weight goes up to 2.5 pounds, and the dimension is 16.5 x 12 x 4.5 in inches. Full-grain leather from Colombia is what you can see on this bag. As they are not manufactured in bulk, the colors and the distressed patterns will be different in each product. It has a polyester lining and a non-leather strap to further increase its look that is far from being vintage. There are two deep pockets as well when you open the front flap.


It has a soft type of leather that will not as stiff as a board against your body. Some men are not at ease with carrying very official-looking bags that make them look as if they always attend business functions. There are less companies that have strict dress codes these days, and this messenger bag can conform to casual and non-casual work settings.

The material that supports the edges of the bag is polyester, which is tougher than threads. It can give your messenger bag a seamless appearance. You will not need to concern yourself either with loose threads that are frequent in other bags.

If you are required to bring different electric charges, as well as your mobile phone, wallet, passport, laptop, and lots of paper, the spacious bag can carry them all. The two gusset pockets are the first things you will see, and they are almost as deep as the main compartment. They are wide too, so either can hold several items at once. Your pens can also be clipped on them.

In addition, you can wash it by hand. This is important, specifically if you are often on the streets. Dust, car fumes, and dirt can attach to different parts of your bag, and they can turn it into a shabby product instead of a high-end one. But because you get to clean it, it can always be as good as new.


If the messenger bag gets folded in a certain way due to its softness, that will eventually leave a mark. The strap is not wide enough to be placed on just any portion of the shoulder. Otherwise, you will feel a muscle strain in that area.
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Handolederco Vintage Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag

Handolederco VintageHandolederco’s messenger bag is made from buffalo leather. It seems so rustic that it can blend in well in the countryside, and stand out in a big city. The dark brown color is one of its own kind, and everything is backed up by a fabric of fine quality. It has the measurement of 16 x 12 x 4 inches. The smaller front section can a couple of notebooks or organizers. The main portion has a padded divider and a stretchy material to close the laptop in. Another pocket is available on the back of the bag too.


The construction of the messenger bag has been well thought of. The zipper and buckles used are not flimsy. The teeth, the slider and the clasps seem to be crafted from brass. The puller is shaped like a kite and made with the same leather that is utilized in the rest of the bag too. This is lovely, because it means you will not have to deal with a broken zipper ever.

The fabric support within the bag can be adored as well. It protects the leather from getting damaged. At the same time, it allows you to take many items with you without deforming the messenger bag. This is not a common feature in some leather bags.

It has two large pockets at the front and back too. The former does not have a zipper, and can take an Ipad. The latter, on the other hand, is the right size for your mobile phone, pens or extra change from the store.

Nevertheless, its ultimate handsomeness can be rooted back to the main compartment. Not only does it have soft fabric – it is also padded. This makes certain that even if you meet bumps on the road or if you swing it while walking, your laptop will not be dented. It gets sheltered as well by the wide garter that can be stretched beyond the padded divider. Because of this, your electronic device will be secured regardless of its height.


The padding is great, but they may be too thick to let bigger computers inside the messenger bag. Thus, it can just hold laptops no bigger than 13 inches.

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The most stylish messenger bag in terms of modern appeal is visibly from LUST. The color is different from the typical shade of brown that other bags have. Its inner canvas is light too. Banuce and Kenneth Cole have a more polished look, while Handolederco and Kattee take pride in their bags’ distressed style.


Leather can change its shade over time due to natural occurrences. However, not so much of it should take place in its form. With this in mind, Kenneth Cole and Kattee will have the least strength, as the messenger bag gets warped when you use it. Only the Banuce bag is not made from real leather, but this does not affect the fact that although it is created from a strong material, it cannot carry more stuff than either Handolederco or LUST.


When you judge it based on the durability of the strap and top handle, the support system that takes place inside the bag, and the quality of leather used, Handolederco messenger bag turns out to the best among the rest. Be sure to check it out whenever you are in need for a long-lasting messenger bag.

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