Once you have graduated from backpacks, you can move on to handbags. These bags are not created for style only. They have their own practical uses that not a lot of people are aware of, as they immediately get daunted by their fashionable looks.

If you want to know a handbag, you need to own one. Thus, here are the best handbags for women.

Jack&Chris® Women Vintage Leather Shoulder Handbags Top-handle Tote,WBDZ019

Jack&ChrisLeather can be appreciated not just by the men. Many females feel fashionable when they are wearing something of leather material as well. This is why you are going to like the handbags from Jack&Chris. This particular one is made with authentic cow leather, and has been formed in a way that will not seem out of style in an urban setting. Gold accentuates the gorgeous bag that weighs 2.2 pounds. It has several pockets inside, aside from the main compartment. It has the length of 14. 5 inches, and the height of 10.2 inches.


Jack&Chris handbags can be filled with many things. Because of its measurements, you can fit a book, a laptop, a folding umbrella, and folders in the large compartment. Women who want to be prepared for whatever situation they encounter out of the house cannot do with just one of these items. Thus, it is superb that the brand’s products can hold them for the consumers.

The hardware of the bag – meaning, the zippers and the links – are gold-toned and metallic. Real leather is not as light as a feather, that’s why it is great that they have not used standard or thin metals for it. Even if you fill it to the brim, this will not be damaged.

There is another zipped section that divides the main compartment into two. This is where you can place your Ipad, tablet or mobile phones, so that they will be free from scratches when your other stuff bumps into them.

The extra strap is not a mere decoration too. It will be exhausting to let the weight of the bag hang close to your arms or shoulders. But if you use the strap, the heft will somehow be distributed, so you will not feel as if your body part is going to fall off.


Gold tone means that it is just somehow painted on the links and zippers. This can peel off if you let it be scratched or if it rubs on another metal. The bag is on the heavy side on its own too.

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Nine West Zip N Go Satchel Top-Handle Bag

Nine West ZipNine West Zip N Go handbags are for women who do not like dressing up, even though they want to look presentable at all times. Such products will allow you to do so, because they are fashionable in their own right. The top-handle bag is small handbag that can become a cross-body bag if you wish. Most of it is created with white polyvinyl chloride. The pop of color that livens it up comes in the handles, the pullers, and the adjustable strap. It is 13.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.


Handbags similar to this are what you will want to turn into your all-around bag. Take it when you head to the office, or go on a date. In case you need to attend a semi-formal gathering, this will be the perfect match for any of your clothes in white, black or blue.

The snake-skin pattern on some of its parts is interesting too. It complements the rest of the bag. When you see someone who uses off-white handbags, you would immediately think that she is either very innocent or a germophobe. Yet, the extra design can bring out your adventurous side and balance everything out.

Its pullers are large as well. You will not have to fumble for them when you have to open the zippers. These have the same pattern as the handles and strap, so they increase the general appeal of the bag.

The four rounded metals underneath the bag serves as its feet. This shows how much consideration Nine West has for people who trust their products. The bottom of the handbags are typically the first portion that gets dirty, especially if you are in a hurry to put it down. This bag is more susceptible to being the opposite of neat due to its color. Thus, it is admirable that the brand has added an extra precautionary measure on the bag on their own accord.


The length of the strap suggests that it is appropriate size for shorter women. However, this is a little too stiff and big for comfort.
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Lime & Soda Women’s Fashion EVA Handbags

EVA HandbagsLime & Soda is an innovative manufacturer of handbags, for it has come up with products made with EVA. This is a fashionable handbag, which has the dimension of 17 x 12.5 x 4.5 in inches. It is inspired by the modern vibe that you will only get when you are in the Big Apple. The bag has two handles, one main enclosure, and two inner pockets. This has the ideal material and size for sleepovers, beach and work. You can get the Lime & Soda handbags in 17 different colors. The handles and enclosures’ hues are diverse for each bag as well.


Lime & Soda EVA handbags are waterproof. This is a simple statement that has a huge impact to so many women who have had their bags – and savings – ruined by liquid substances. Let’s repeat: water will not go through it. This can mean a lot of things. You can brave the rain even if you do not have an umbrella or a jacket to cover your bag with. If it gets caught by the wave when you are on the beach, just wipe it off, and your essentials will be fine. In case you or somebody else accidentally spills soda, juice or coffee on the bag, you know that it can survive any of that unscathed.

Because you get to use it for a long, long time, you will not feel the need to dump it in the trash. Its uniqueness also makes sure that it will never go out of style. Thus, this will not cause damage to the environment.

By having such a handbag, you can stand out in the crowd. Your bag is not made from leather or vinyl or fabric, so yours will be different from the others. Another great factor of owning this is that you can pair it with various clothing ensembles. It practically defies the norms, that’s why it is going to be okay to use it whether you are in a casual, preppy, sporty or semi-formal attire.


The handles may need some tightening. The reason for this is because you can interchange them if you own several Lime & Soda handbags. Hence, they can be a bit loose when you receive the merchandise.

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Guess Lady’s Leather Handbag

Guess Lady's handbagFor the feminine women who love everything in pink, here is the Guess Lady’s leather bag. A lot of things are going on in such handbags. Its measurements are 13.8 x 9.2 x 5.9 in inches. The materials used for the exterior part are PVC and polyurethane. The inner portion has 80:20 ratio of polyester and cotton. In place of the regular flat buttons or screws are gold-plated studs. The bag can be tightened or loosened by pulling on the leathery threads on either side of it. The middle compartment has a zipper, and the two flaps on the sides is secured with the magnetic closure.


There is nothing plain or boring about Guess handbags. Their colors will not shock you, but the details put in each of them are so intricate. This is how you can say that this brand really deserves to be in the high-end group.

Look closer at the bag, and you will notice that double G’s are all over it. They are not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. However, they are more visible within the bag. The fact that you need to be near it in order to see the prints on its exterior though gives it a mysterious effect. It somehow represents how women should be perceived as: pure yet fascinating.

You can wear the chain that hangs on the handbag as a bracelet. This is one advantage that accessory lovers can adore, because then you can really have matching decorations on your body.

The handbag can be worn wherever you go. Due to its pastel color, this will look great with many outfits. It can instantly sophisticate even a shirt and a pair of shorts. You are going to love this even if you are in a dress or a jumpsuit.


It does not come with a strap. For this reason, if you are carrying more stuff than usual, it may be taxing for your shoulder or arm.

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Michael Kors Handbag Selma Stud Tote Luggage

Michael Kors HandbagIn case you are a season traveler who likes taking short trips in various parts of the country – or the world – Michael Kors has handbags that you can reward yourself with. An example of this is the studded Selma handbag, which has the length, width and height of 15.5, 11.5 and 5.5 in inches, respectively. It is not heavily designed. Apart from the logo near the top of the bag, golden studs line both sides of it, as well as below the ends of the two handles. A thin strap is also included in the package.


Michael Kors’ Selma handbags are very spacious. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of items you can load in these products. A single bag alone will let you be away from your closet for three to four days. What is cool about it is that there is not a fabric that divides the main compartment. For this reason, you can fit your clothes strategically in the bag.

For the mothers who want to go on a weekend holiday with their babies or kids, you will not need to fold their stuff in a different bag. It has enough room for all of your clothes. Some necessities are left behind too if you place them in separate locations, but you will not be able to forget anything now that you just have one luggage to carry.

The hooks for the strap look seamless as well. They are not on the sides of the handbag, so no one will notice them. Nonetheless, the weight still gets evenly distributed, as they are on the ends of its top portion.

The lining inside the bag is of lighter color. This helps if you tend to just throw your things in there without really looking where they have landed. If you put your bracelet in this handbag, for instance, it will not be difficult to find it because there is no hidden crevice that it can go to.

All of the pockets are within the product too. When you are in a crowded place and you have to mind other people besides yourself, the security of the bag goes to the bottom of your priorities. Hence, this is when some wrongdoers can do an unlawful act, and the next thing you know, your wallet or mobile phone is gone. Because there is only one zipper to think of, your belongings will be safe and sound in this handbag.


The size of the Michael Kors Salem handbags is quite disproportional to the width of the strap provided to them. They are meant to hold heavy objects, so the strap may dig into your shoulder when you use it with a full bag.

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These handbags are sized from medium to extra large. If you need an office bag, Guess Lady’s leather bag and Nine West Zip N Go are for you. They do not have loud colors or style that will seem inappropriate for work settings, and they are relatively smaller than the other ones here. If you wish to travel, use the handbags from Michael Kors or Jack&Chris. These are large enough to hold your items easily. The extra large bag, on the other hand, is the Lime & Soda one. This is the only waterproof handbag here, which can be brought to the beach or office without an issue.


Jack&Chris’ handbags are crafted from authentic leather, so this is technically the most durable in this aspect. However, in terms of the hardware or the fastenings, Guess and Nine West may have the best ones. They are thick and firmly attached to the handbags. Michael Kors’ is very durable too, though the thinness of the strap is doubtful.


How secured your important belongings can be in the handbag is what matters. And the answer is that they will be highly protected when you get the bag from Michael Kors. As this is a handbag, the strap is something you can live without.

1. Jack&Chris®$$
2. Nine West Zip N – Best Value!$$
3. Eva Handbag$$
4. Guess HWSG48$$$
5. Michael Kors$$$
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