It is so easy to love or hate your oily skin. This is nice because it makes you look at least three times younger than the others who have normal or dry skin. However, this is bad when you cannot regulate it, especially when you are in public. Blot here, wipe there – you need to be mindful of your face the whole time. But your frustrating war with grease can cease once you get the best foundation for oily skin.

Joey NY Specialty 4 In 1 Foundation 

Joey NY Specialty Joey NY’s product is a foundation that is worth sharing between women of different skin types. Regardless if you and your girlfriends have normal or oily skin, you can use this. It is a 4-in-1 foundation, which entails that it works as a concealer, moisturizer, powder and aging corrector. You won’t need to buy a separate brush, as it comes with one that no bacteria can get attached to. Four ounces of it will give you enough facial coverage for a good couple of months.


Constantly using certain makeup can make your face wrinkly and older than you truly are. However, the product’s main ingredient, which is called ‘marine collagen’, can help an adult woman like you in keeping your skin supple and youthful. This has originally been used as a natural supplement, and now as a beautifying agent. It rejuvenates your normal or oily skin by hydrating it. Thus, you will eventually notice lesser appearance of crow’s feet, large pores, and fine lines.

This can be easily applied too. It is in liquid form, so you can control the amount of foundation that will drop on your hand. It allows you to do your makeup in the morning without a lot of powdery mess as well. The liquid turns into powder as you work it on your face, but it will not crumble into colored dust after a while. Such transformation balances out the oily skin, and lets you get on with your day without worrying about your cosmetics.

It is just about the size of a shot glass, that’s why it won’t take up much space in your beauty bag. If you travel a lot or go to parties, you can put it in your tiny purse in case you feel the need to re-touch your face.

The brush matches the foundation greatly. It prevents bacteria from accumulating or growing on the brush. Thus, whether you have sensitive skin or not, you will be less prone to having zits or bumps because of a dirty brush.


This particular Joey NY foundation can only be used by women who have medium dark complexion. It is not for those with fairer skin.
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Frankie Rose Matte Perfect Foundation

Frankie Rose MatteIf your oily skin prevents you from having a fresh face up to the end of your day, you should get the Matte Perfect Foundation from Frankie Rose. It is in a four-ounce bottle that has the measurement of 4.3 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches. There are 12 shades that you can choose from. Yet, the one you see here is the F103 – Vintage, which is the fourth lightest option from the list. It transforms from liquid into matte quickly, so you can enjoy a flawless and oil-free skin longer than you can actually imagine.


In order for you to get the foundation out of its container, you simply have to press the pump of the bottle. The fact that it does not need to be squeezed or tapped can keep you from being in front of the mirror for too long. Thus, you get to apply your makeup at a top speed.

This foundation dries fast as well, that’s why the matte look is totally achievable. You will not have to wait or use a hair dryer to dry your face. It helps when you have to do your face in the car. It can make you seem as if you have exerted a lot of effort in your look, even though you have only had 10 minutes or so to create it.

Many career women who suffer from oily skin need not to put up with it, thanks to the Matte Perfect Foundation. The cosmetic stays on your face throughout the day and perhaps into the night. This is great if you are in the office from nine to five, and then you suddenly become required to attend a social function right after it. You most likely will just need to redo your hair and lipstick, but not your entire face. And even if you sweat, this will not break away awkwardly like a barren soil. It will stay on for as long as you are ready to take the makeup off.


While it does not take time for it to dry, you still need to set it with powder if you want it to remain on your face for hours.
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Emani Flawless Matte Foundation, 0.42 oz.

Emani Flawless Matte FoundationEmani Flawless Matte Foundation is for the ladies who like to wear less amount of cosmetics on a regular basis. The makeup is packed tightly in a rounded vessel. This is very similar to the face powders that are recommended for teenagers. It actually has a small mirror on the other side that you can look at. You will need a handy brush or a sponge to be able to use this, but the latter is provided already in the package. This applicator is anti-bacterial and can be washed daily without falling apart right before your eyes.


The compounds utilized to create the foundation are minerals and plant extracts. It is effective not just to those with oily skin, but also the ones with sensitive skin. For the reason that the manufacturer has kept it partly organic, your mind can be focused on what clothes to wear instead of when you see pimples start to rise on your cheeks and forehead.

Since it is in powder form, and it stabilizes the oiliness of your face, you may almost feel as if you do not have any makeup on. It can also cover up your pores without clogging them, which is the problem with some foundations.

The mirror is an excellent add-on too that a lot of adults can appreciate. It takes years before you can consider yourself a pro at applying cosmetics. Although there are women who can do it without looking at their appearance, others need to make sure that everything is in order by checking their faces using a mirror.

When you are in a rush, the sponge is a better option than a brush in terms of application. It can cover most of your skin within two minutes easily. Before you sleep at night, you can hand-wash it and leave to dry in the bathroom, so that you will get to use a clean applicator every day. You do not have to buy a replacement, because it won’t crumble from constant washing.


You need to protect your face with at least a primer or a moisturizer before the foundation can be applied. This has to be done to regulate the moisture, or lack thereof, of your skin.


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BECCA Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation 

BECCABECCA’s solution for your endless battle with combination or oily skin is the Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation. ‘Combination’ means only your nose and forehead become greasy, and the other one refers to the entirety of your face. Neither is fun, so getting this cosmetic product is important. It has been extensively tested by the dermatologists associated with the brand, and leaves you with a matte finish. This caters to 20 different skin colors, and each tube contains 40 mL of liquid foundation for semi to full coverage. Your face will be as smooth as a silk whenever you utilize this.


BECCA Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation offers a unique way of controlling oily skin. It is still water-based, as indicated. However, it has Nylon-12 as an absorbent. High amounts of it are present in the product, and its job is to capture the oil that your skin produces before it can pass through your makeup. It lets you use the grease to your own advantage. For this reason, you can have a beautiful cover-up all day long.

It hydrates your skin as it removes the oil. This is possible, since the product has vitamins E and A that can nourish your cells and bring back its healthy glow. And since it has a hydrating feature, you do not have to put a moisturizer or a primer prior to applying the product. This is an additional benefit for getting the item.

The tube which serves as its container has been designed elegantly. It is not a cheap makeup brand, and this is very evident on the materials used to craft its special vessel. Because it is in a plastic tube, you can clear out the content up to the very last drop and get your money’s worth. If you like this foundation so much, you can even cut one end of it, and then scrape the remaining liquid with a spatula or your fingers.


Without the grease that your oily skin creates, this will resemble a mask on your face. Hence, it cannot be used by people with other skin types.
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Clarins – Ever Matte Skin Balancing Oil Free Foundation

ClarinsWhen you often forget to put sunscreen on before you do your makeup, you are best suited to get the Ever Matte Skin Balancing Oil Free Foundation from Clarins. This is a 30-mL product that has SPF 15. You can get several colors for this type of foundation, yet this one is called #108 Sand. It comes in a petite container is 4.3 inches tall.


The packaging is on point. Gold appeals to a lot of women, as it exudes sophistication. And because it stands in a manner that the liquid gathers on the mouth part of the bottle, you will not have to sit there and wonder when the foundation will come out. Therefore, you can begin the process immediately.

Whereas other products are made with oil-based components that only add to the high level of sebum that is already on your oily skin, this does not contain greasy substances at all. This is the reason why it is operative when it comes to balancing the moisture on the face.

Another problem that it hides from the public eye is the large pores. Their sizes basically come with the territory when you have oily skin. Nonetheless, you will not see them for as long as you have the makeup on. One more bonus is that the product is supposed to make them smaller in no time.


It may be necessary for you to buy more bottles of this item in a year, since each of them has lesser amount of foundation.
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All the foundations can provide full coverage to either normal, combination, sensitive or oily skin types. However, if you want to cover your dark spots or eye bags, you cannot use the Emani foundation. In case you are not the type of person who likes to put different products on your face, you can take the ones from Joey NY or BECCA, since these two items can be worn without primer, moisturizer, or setting powder.


Because it is already in powder form, your skin can breathe a lot better with the Emani Flawless Matte Foundation. It has been constructed with extracts from natural resources, so it is safe for the skin. This is effective if you do not need heavy coverage. On the other hand, the remaining four can give you a matte finish and conceal the blemishes on your face. Specifically, BECCA contains Nylon-12 which not only mattifies your oily skin, but also makes it silky.


Do not worry about your skin color – just get the BECCA foundation, and your oily skin will be fine. There are 20 shades that you can sample, so you will definitely be able to find the one that matches your undertones. The price is reasonable as well, because you can consume it for months.

Rank Brand Price
1. Joey NY Foundation $$
2. Matte Perfection Foundation $$
3. EMANI Flawless Matte $$
4. BECCA Ever-Matte $$
5. Clarins Foundation – Best Value $$
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