Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Dry skin is as undesirable as oily skin – you will not wish it even to your worst neighbor. It can occur in the coldest of winter or in the hottest of summer, that’s why you have to keep your face hydrated often. However, if there is a foundation that will not oblige you to put moisturizer behind it, will you take it?

If your answer is yes, then take a thorough look on the five best foundations for dry skin.

best foundation for dry skinLancôme Photogenic Lumessence Light-mastering & Line-smoothing Makeup Normal to Dry Skin #310 Bisque 2 (C)

If you have dry skin, you know that it can get worse if you are not using the right kind of makeup. The Photogenic Lumessence Light-mastering and Light-smoothing Foundation from Lancôme, however, has just the perfect about of ingredients that can make you look younger than your real age. Every bottle contains micro-pearls and coated pigments that improve the glow of your skin. You can also take pleasure in having a highly moisturized faced for a full 24-hour period without needing to re-apply this wonderful foundation.


This works amazing for adult women who have issues with dry skin and fine lines. Although a few people are proud of their lined faces, most individuals want to hide them. Well, this is the foundation that can help you smooth out the existing lines on your skin. You will not need to wait for hours to see its effect – it comes as soon as you put the makeup on.

Everyone wants look ready for the camera, even the ones who have regular jobs. You are not sure which friend will ask to take a selfie with you, that’s why your dry skin has to be tucked neatly under a great foundation. Lancôme’s Photogenic Lumessence lets you achieve this by providing light-mastering ingredients to the product. The micro-pearls, as well as the coated pigments, can make your face luminous – not too dark, not too pale – especially in a bright setting.

When you always leave the house, it is a must for you to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. This can cause dark spots to appear, and dry skin to get more out of hand. But if you use Lancôme’s beauty product, you will not be required to get sunscreen. It already is equipped with SPF 15, which is enough if you will not be out in the open for hours.


The bottle is a bit small for a high-priced item. There may be some women who will not want to shed off a lot of money for this. However, do know that it is worth those extra bucks.

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best foundation for dry skinNARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Deauville

Chapped, dry skin does not only happen to your lips. It can take place in any part of your face too, that’s why you need this Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS. All the goodness is intact in a one-ounce bottle that resembles either a nail polish or a lip gloss. It does not smell like anything, and has been tested by the top dermatologists of the brand. There 19 colors to select from, and each of them has a fancy name. The foundation you are seeing here is known as Deauville. The rate varies with every shade.


Even if acne will most likely occur if you have oily or sensitive skin, it can also be evident when you have dry skin. Thus, your face will be free from that once you get the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It is non-comedogenic, so there will not be pimples that can irritate you and your skin.

Because it can be used by people with normal to dry skin types, you and your friends and sisters can share the product with each other if you live under one roof. This does not just save your money, but also show how effective the foundation is for different face conditions.

The fact that no fragrance has been included in the product is fantastic too. You can exchange good smell to no smell at all anytime, since scents often contain alcohol. This dries fast and leaves you with an even drier face, which is not good.

Being exposed to diverse environment can discolor your face. Yet, the NARS foundation can make your skin tone even. The sun or brown spots on your skin will also be covered nicely by the product. It can enhance the luminosity of your skin, as if that glow has always been there. This will make you confident once again to have your close-up photos taken.

It aims to soften your dry skin too, so that it will look and feel youthful now more than ever.


This is a light foundation. It cannot be used to fully cover the lines and marks on your face.

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best foundation for dry skinClé de Peau Beauté Cream Foundation SPF 29 – No. B10 25ml/1.1oz

Foundations like the ones made by Clé de Peau which have creamy texture can hydrate your dry skin better than any other product. Some of its winning features are green tea extracts, Lucent Powder EX, and SPF 29. This can be worn by women of different skin types. There are only two shades for it, and this one is the darker beige. They come in 25-mL tubes that are easy to handle and keep clean. The product is capable of giving you semi or full coverage, depending on what you want.


The product is in a tube, so you can travel with it. You will not need to continuously check if the container has been knocked off by your other things in the bag, because it can just go along with them.

This is much useful during the winter, when the cold weather practically sucks the moisture off of everything. In addition, because of the SPF 29 that has been generously included in this foundation, you will not have to buy another makeup when the season changes. This is the item to rely on if you are susceptible to getting sun spots or discoloration.

You do not have to worry about going outdoors with this foundation on either. It has green tea extracts that can safeguard you from the free radicals and pollutants that are commonly found in cities. This also helps in decreasing the amount of wrinkles that appear on your face, as well as in reducing inflammation on your skin. Hence, in case your current dilemma involves a raging acne, the makeup will assist in solving the issue.

The Clé de Peau Beauté cream foundation has Lucent Powder EX, which is basically a loose powder that has been incorporated in the product. This allows you to look glamorous and camera-ready all the time, regardless if you just need to get a coffee from the nearby coffee shop, or drive your kids to school. Due to this powder too, you will feel comfortable to do anything without your face becoming itchy or stuffy.


There is not enough foundation in one tube for it to last for several months. This can pose as a hassle for women who like high-end beauty products, but do not really want to pay for them so often.

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best foundation for dry skinClinique City Base Compact Foundation SPF 15 06 Soft Vanilla

Every time you need a product that can match your requirements, you can always trust Clinique to step up to the challenge. One of their amazing beauty merchandise is called Clinique City Base Compact Foundation. It has the form of normal face powders that you have gotten used to in your teenage years. But once you open it, you will notice that there is a creamy substance where the tightly packed powder should be. And instead of a cottony applicator, you get a sponge that will let you spread the makeup more evenly.


First off, the case is very remarkable. It has been crafted with thick plastic, so it will not crack easily regardless if you accidentally knock it out of the counter. Other compact foundations have flimsy cases that get chipped after a few uses, but this will not most likely happen to the Clinique product.

The foundation itself is a thing of beauty as well. As mentioned earlier, it has a creamy feel when you initially put it on your face. This subsequently turns into a powder finish in seconds, which sort of sets the makeup on your face. It lets you enjoy a matte look that is quite hard to attain when you are dealing with dry skin.

This can be used by women of different skin types too. Since the finish that you will get in the end is matte those who have oily, sensitive or combination faces can utilize the product too.

For older ladies who are conscious of their fine lines, Clinique guarantees that this foundation can soften, if not fully hide, those age lines. Especially if your occupation requires you to talk to various individuals daily, you can be more presentable because of this item.

Whereas bringing the compact makeup will be effortless to you, you may need to do so. The makeup will stay on for hours, that’s why you will not have to redo or touch it up in the middle of the day. Thus, you can continue working with a fresh face until the evening.


The sponge applicator can be thicker than what is in the package, so that when women bend it often, it will be damaged.

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best foundation for dry skinLaura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation – Porcelain Ivory 30ml/1oz

Your exhaustion after a day of tackling projects will show not just on your movements, but on your face as well. But no one will ever realize that you eat problems for breakfast, lunch and dinner once you start wearing the Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation. The image depicts the product called Porcelain Ivory, and there are three others that may match your color if this does not. This is a water-based foundation which can moisturize your sensitive or dry skin. 30 mL of this item can be consumed for at least a couple of months.


The usual problem that women have with some cosmetics is that they feel as if the foundation has formed a thick mask on their faces. Luckily, this is an issue that you will never have to be anxious about with Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation. It is not so viscous, so it will not cake up on your dry skin and make it worse.

If your fine lines are visible in normal lighting, they can be concealed by this product. This is an aged woman’s best friend when it comes to making the skin years younger. Hence, your colleagues will be amazed at how you have achieved that kind of look.

The four colors that the manufacturer provides will permit you to look for the best one that is closest to your skin color. It allows you to really get a natural and glowing vibe, to the point that other people will have second thoughts if you have makeup on or not. This may even give you the title ‘effortless beauty’.

It neither has fragrance nor silicone. The former can actually dehydrate the skin, and the latter is only helpful for those who suffer with oiliness. Both of them will simply dry your skin even more, that’s why it is nice to know that they cannot be found in this foundation.


Women with very sensitive skin will need to test it before making their purchase, because it may cause pimples to break out. It does not contain sunscreen as well.

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Skin Protection

Wind, heat and coldness contribute to the existence of dry skin. Thus, your foundation should be able to withstand those natural occurrences and even counter them. Although these five foundations do well in terms of hydrating the face, Clé de Peau, Clinique and Lancôme promote better skin protection for the sun. Among them, however, Clé de Peau technically has better sunscreen, because it has twice the amount of SPF that the Clinique or Lancôme has.

Healthy Glow

Wonderful glow can be obtained from each product. If you want to have the radiance of a Hollywood star, get either the Lancôme, NARS or Laura Mercier. If you wish to reduce your fine lines and age spots, go for Clé de Peau or Clinique.


Price does not matter when you want to seem younger. Clé de Peau can give you the best coverage at a competitive price. It can remedy your dry skin, as well as even out the age lines and hyperpigmentation on your face. It can shield you from UV rays as well – a notable feature that not a lot of foundations have.

Rank Brand Price
1. Clé de Peau Beauté $$$
2. Lancôme Photogenic Lumessence $$
3. NARS Sheer Glow $$
4. Clinique City Base Compact $$
5. Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme $$$
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