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What can stop you from making your favorite caffeinated drink every day when you already have a trusty espresso machine? As soon as you wake up, you can have a mug of black coffee or latte. When your mind and body are stressed from work, you just take a sip of your espresso, and you will feel like a new man (or woman). The exhaustion suddenly leaves your system, and you become more energized to face your tasks again. Thus, you go home with a smile so bright that nobody will realize the pile of projects you are handling is almost taller than you.

You know this is not going to happen with a boring percolator that can only generate one variety of coffee, don’t you? For this reason, you should check out the five best espresso machine products on the whole wide world.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Steam Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Steam Espresso Machine - Best Espresso Machine

Save your physical and electrical energies when you find yourself in charge of making coffee for many other coffee lovers like you in the vicinity with the Mr. Coffee ECM160. This espresso machine is more valuable than what the price tag says. It can make up to four cups of espresso in one batch. If there are 20 of you, then you just need to replenish the espresso and the water five times. You also get to be the ultimate barista for the day in case they ask for latte or cappuccino, as the small kitchen appliance can create them.


In general, the manufacturer’s aim is to ease your life from the moment you purchase their product. It costs less than $50, yet it does not pale in comparison to what other high-priced machines can do. This enables you to use real espresso beans. However, you need not to be anxious about how you can feed those to this apparatus. Even if it does not take whole beans, a simple tamper is provided so you can ground them beforehand. The carafe makes sure that there will be no spills on your counter, and that you can pour the drink easily into each cup. It is customized with a large handle, and the drip tray is sizable and removable. This makes for stress-free cleaning afterward, especially when a drop gets out of the  espresso machine right when you take the container out. When your “customers” want froth in their drink, you won’t have to turn them down because it has a frothing arm on the side. You just need to place milk in a canister and turn the frother on until you get the desired topping.


There is an attachment for making froth, but there is not a free pitcher available for it. You have to get it as an additional purchase. Also, the tamper is similar to a flat scoop, so it may not be strong enough to squash the beans.

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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine - Best Espresso Machine

If you enjoy seeing colorful coffee capsules, you should get the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine. The product only accepts them, so you need to have capsule stocks all the time. Yet, you do not have to worry about the first 16 drinks you will be making with the appliance, since 16 capsules have been put in your package. See it as a starter gift from the brand owners to you. Every you drink a cup of Nespresso coffee, it is not just the rich taste and aroma that you can get. This is also capable of recharging your body and giving you more energy to get on with your activities. If you use it in the United States, you can contact the Nespresso Club so that they can recycle your used capsules. Less garbage means cleaner and happier environment.


Whether you have a small counter or it is filled with other kitchen items, you will surely have enough space to put this espresso machine in. It is 1 foot tall, but it is just around 4 inches wide. Therefore, it will not even be bigger than the 5-, 5.5- or 6-inch smartphone you most likely have. It has simple buttons too which have drawings instead of words on them. You can click one of them if you want to have a petite or large espresso. For easy access, you can fold and unfold the drip tray. Other than that, you simply need to stand by the machine for less than a minute before you see the coffee dripping in your cup. It heats up pretty fast, so you won’t be late for class or work. It has a clear water tank at the back, which you can remove when you need to refill it. This will cause lesser mess on your counter since you do not have to pour the water on a small hole in the apparatus. The red lights will indicate too if it needs more water.


The movable drip tray, although really useful, is not capable of staying folded up when you set a cup for taller beverage. You have to hold it or use a heavier glass so that it won’t be able to push it off.

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Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Machine - Best Espresso Machine

Your house will be thick with the rich aromatic smell of ground espresso beans when you have a Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Espresso Maker. This is considerably a great machine both for creating heavenly coffee and looking like it is worth a few thousand dollars instead of only a couple hundred bucks. What you will notice in contemporary residence owners is that they have a softer spot for stainless appliances since they are easier to maintain. You only need a clean rug to wipe off the grime or liquid residue on them. This specific product can go well with this cleaning routine, as it is made from stainless too. It does not lack of visual indicators for power, heating, steam, drip and water level.


This espresso machine seems quite gigantic in the picture, but it actually has the dimensions 9x9x12 in inches. It is not going to take up a lot of counter space. It also makes use of two filters – one over the other – in order to give you a better tasting coffee. The water tank is attached beside the machine. The good thing about this tank is that it conceals most of the water from view for a more professional look. You will just see the quantity left in it through the vertical clear glass. Then, you can also avoid having the hot espresso spill over the surface and down to the floor and, worse, your feet, thanks to the grid of holes on the drip tray. They can effortlessly catch all the liquid that your cup will miss. Also, purchasing the espresso machine will give you two more espresso cups and a brand-new milk container for the froth. It will keep you from spending for these items, which do not usually come in other products.


The double filters are quite difficult to remove and clean. You cannot let them be, however, because if they are clogged, no coffee can get out. It will also require a few minutes before it is hot enough for coffee or steam.


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Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Maker

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

If you are in need of a functionally and aesthetically beautiful espresso machine, the Hamilton Beach 40715 will be appropriate for you. Apparatuses which have buttons but no light indicators are sometimes confusing, even when there are labels on them. However, the manufacturer has ascertained that you will not experience such a bother with this coffee generator. Aside from the red and green lights that will turn on when the product is working and once the water has reached the right temperature, extra symbols are visible too. Beside the three silver buttons are words and drawings, which are really helpful. But what is more interesting is the additional signs that show what mode you will be at when you press or depress the buttons. It is truly thoughtful of the brand for doing this.


This product allows you to add coffee in two cups at the same time. It has two spouts, so you do not need to wait for one cup to be filled before you can set another under on the tray. It has 40-ounce water capacity, and the tank can be detached from the espresso machine for effortless cleaning and refilling. You will know for sure how much water it can hold, due to the “max” sign near the top of the container. When your coffee is ready, it will not catch you off-guard because you can opt to not make it flow out yet by depressing the last button. Likewise, if you want to froth milk first, you only have to press the middle button. How much steam you like the appliance to generate can be altered too with the rotary knob. This will help you make the right amount of foam for your drink.


The frothing wand is fixed in its place without any way of moving it to this side or that. When you have a container full of milk, you can foresee it spilling just to get the wand inside it.

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De’Longhi EC680 Dedica Espresso Machine

De'Longhi EC680 Dedica Espresso Machine

De’Longhi EC680 Dedica Espresso Machine can prove that power can come in tiny packaging. It is 0.1-inch short of becoming 6 inches in width, yet it is 13 inches in length, so that makes up for the slenderness of the product. It is mostly made out of stainless steel, and this will keep you from having a corroded machine over time. The power button is definitely blending well to its base too, which is thick and sturdy. It has modern-looking buttons that you may initially think of as design only since they are not embossed. This is going to fit in your elegant kitchen greatly.


The coolest feature of this espresso machine is its mechanical flow stop. It is pre-programmed to know the exact amount of espresso that it should release. It will not be too much or too scarce, that’s why you can enjoy a nice cup without worries. Your coffee will be ready as well in not more than 60 seconds, for the reason that it utilizes the thermoblock technology which makes the water hot immediately. The frothing arm is large, that’s why it will be able to give off more steam for more milk foam. What’s more about its buttons is that they are illuminated. Thus, when you need to stay awake at night and do not want to turn on the kitchen lights, you won’t be fumbling for the buttons. The top portion of the espresso machine is not simply for good looks too. You should place your cup(s) on it to warm them up before letting the coffee flow on them. This ensures that your hot beverage will not be lukewarm soon.


It works slightly different from other espresso machines you may have used before, so you have to spend some quality time with the instruction manual and read it down to the last dot. Because of its dimensions too, it is very lightweight, which makes it prone to getting knocked over.

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Mr. Coffee ECM160 is the sole espresso machine within this group that uses steam. Thus, its pressure goes up to 3 bar. The other four are pump-driven. However, while Nespresso Pixie works at 19 bar, the remaining espresso machines make coffee at 15 bar.


The first machine has an external container for the espresso, so that you can manually pour it on up to four cups. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma, on the other hand, has the most traditional and basic control panel. The Hamilton Beach espresso maker can fill two cups at once, and it has conventional controls too. De’Longhi EC680 Dedica has built-in cup warmer and automatic coffee flow stopper. It should also be mentioned that Nespresso Pixie is the only one that uses coffee capsules but has no steam wand.


When your frequent visits to the café is taking a toll on your monthly budget, you should really get your own espresso machine, specifically the De’Longhi EC680 Dedica. For just a few hundred dollars, some freshly grounded espresso beans and milk, you can create your favorite cappuccino or latte for a long, long time.

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